Sorry I haven’t been writing many blogs lately.

I married a Beautiful Wonderful Mexican girl and you know what that means. I had 23 relatives staying in my 3 condos for a couple of weeks. It took every bit of my strength to speak Spanish and be nice and polite to everyone. And their just the tip of the iceberg! Hell im related to half of Mexico now! But I love it! 

You know Mexicans are unique people. Everyone of them partied way past dawn, danced like crazy, sang songs, and tell jokes all the time, and many about Mexicans! They have huge families, kids coming out of the walls and all the girls are tan and love the beach. They drink like fish too! It was fun especially going to the beach! So no blogs for you. Well I hope you’ll like these.
Oh we are sitting on some of the world’s lowest prices so watch the blog god I hate that name – blogs – ditto on Goggle, tweet and all the other baby names they come up with. It’s all a big problem it’s to make us think their stupid , right, the whole thing the whole frickin Internet could collapse at any moment, we’re hanging by a thread. China’s not stupid, goggle isn’t even tolerated there. Goggle is a monster, political as hell, and they could care less about anything but money. Someone out to shot the guy that invented it then break up the world’s largest info monopoly that ever existed. They need to be trimmed down just like AT&T but nobody has the guts to do it cause they’re too frickin big! Break them up! Ditto with Amazon! Geeez I like going to the store these two monsters need to be chopped up before they take over the world and turn on us!

Now they’ll black list us. 

Oh by the way if you want to get our newsletters with our solar power clearance sale you have to MAKE SURE YOU OPTED IN AT THE TOP OF OUR WEB SITE HOMEPAGE! or you’ll be totally cut off from us. Go go to www.sunelec.con and re-enter your email address or your off our list, that is, if you believe in solar like I do. All I’m doing is trying to lower the price and spread solar powered honesty, and the lowest prices possible . Trust me you won’t want to miss the prices coming out this week. If you don’t get them don’t blame us, just got redone, do it, do it!, do it now!


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Gotta go get some rest its 2 AM again.

I hope you all had good holidays !

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