The Six Best PV Module Deals in the World

The 6 Best PV Module Deals in the world, I think:



  1. SUN 200 to 280 Watt mono and poly laminates, pallets, $.98/Watt
  2. \n

  3. Evergreen ES-A 195 to 210, A’s, UL, $1.48/Watt
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  5. SUN 195 to 205 Watt, Ribbon Poly, UL, 90 to 205 Watt, German Manufacturer (We have been asked not to use their name), pallets $1.39/Watt, B’s ()
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  7. Suntech 170 to 280 Watt, pallets $1.58/Watt
  8. \n

  9. Canadian Solar 175 to 280 Watt, pallets $1.68/Watt
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  11. SUN ES-A 195 to 210 Watt, B’s, Ribbon Poly, non-UL, made by Evergreen Solar, $1.54
  12. \n

\n*Pallets simply means at least 6 Modules or 20 Laminates OR CALL US AND WE WILL WORK OUT A DEAL!\n\n \n\nAlso:\n


  • Our 10 to 80 Watt panels just arrived. There’s another container of 50 Watt modules are right behind them. These go very fast. Call to reserve. Prices on Home Page.
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  • Solar Refrigerator/Freezers. Extremely efficient and reliable. 4 containers sold already, our best seller, 9 cu. ft. needs only 1-80 watt module, $598.
  • \n

  • Grid-Tie Heart Transverter with Smart Home Automatic Load Control, reduces utility Peak Demand Charge by 50%, on Home page. Sun is first company to have in U.S.
  • \n

  • Refurbished Outback Inverters. They just accepted our offer for everyone they had . For pricing call Louis or Adam. Too new.
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\nThat’s all folks,\nJohn Kimball