Thanksgiving Was Great, What About Haiti Though?

Were blowing it and we know it. It’s easy to forget and we must not forget Mercy and Sharing in Haiti. The parking lot of  Sun Electronics will become a collection point again . There is no need to go into detail except that 1500 people have died so far and thousands are infected with Cholera. has all the details about the thousands of kids they are taking care of and the beautiful photos of the safe and healthy kids is a great relief to see.\n\nWe will send a request for them to give us a list of what they need. Don’t worry we won’t ask you to donate anything. We have been fairly successful getting enough supplies from the people in Miami. Look for a report soon on our progress to fill another container. (I think they about 30,000 people still living in tents and many people have moved back into their old houses, not good. But I can understand . Wouldn’t you. It’s time to pray for them at the least. Why do they have such bad luck? They really are a polite and kind people, if you have ever met a Haitian I am sure you would agree.\n\nJohn


When you live so close to Haiti you meet a lot of Haitians. Over the last 20 years in Miami I have come to love and admire the thousands of Haitians I have had the privilege to meet. Even now 3 of our best sales engineers and 2 electrical engineering interns are from Haiti. They are the kindest, most  polite and considerate people I have ever met.

If anyone could eventually raise themselves up spiritually and physically above the horrible destruction of this earthquake they will, as impossible as it seems. I saw this courage and spirit  when the embargo occurred several years ago. They were slowly strangled and drained of oil, gasoline, and electricity. The economy was totally  destroyed because of government policies. Yet, I would see them daily coming into our office looking for solar panels and inverters to smuggle into their country. They always had a smile and a positive attitude and I mean a big smile and a very positive attitude, It was unbelievable, they had absolutely ZERO electricity, gas was $25/gallon, their business’ had been destroyed and they were standing there making me feel good!

Even before the Earthquake Port au Prince only had about 2 hours of power a day Ten’s of thousands used generators, inverter/chargers and solar panels for power.

We are sending money and alternative energy equipment. Will you please try to help too if you haven’t already? They are incredibly resilient people. Please contribute what you can to the Red Cross for Haitian Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund and help them to rebuild their lives.