New Photos and Video

Look at the new photos and video under the Systems with SUN Panels and the About Us Sections\n\nWe’ve got the best prices for modules, systems and the widest selection. Why? Because I’m crazy. Call John Kimball for information 305-710-9645.

Solar Panels Getting Less Expensive Every Day

We are waiting till we feel we are sure we are getting the absolute best possible price before we buy containers. We are buying only what we know we can sell very fast. We intend to put a low low margins on all of it and just try to match the tide of the market as it goes out. We don’t want to be left on land so to speak. Today we heard a report that by this time next year many factories will be closing and even then the price will continue to erode as inventories will be dumped because they will have no buyers.\n\nWhile it may happen we know from experience that it won’t be long till the market bounces back, it always has for the last 60 years. Even solar water heating almost disappeared in the late 70’s I think. Anyway its like every other business, only Sun has been holding onto too much inventory.Continue reading

What is the difference between Grade A and B Modules?

Basically NOTHING if its a name brand PV Module.\n\nElectrically (they use the same factory specification sheet), output wise (the generate the same flash test results), life time (the same 30 to 40 years or longer), certification (the same UL, ETL, CE the mfr. normally gives), warranty (the same 20 to 25 years the same as they normally give).\n

B Modules

\nSome B Modules may have a couple of tiny insignificant cosmetic blemishes generally invisible from several feet away. Most are not visible at all.\n\nYou can look on our web site and see a typical example of a blemish.

Misc. Solar Stuff

From our communication with the Chinese it’s clear they think and want everyone to believe that the solar market in 2011 is going to be great. I wonder why? We will see, we hope it will be, but we are watching the market closely.\n

SUN modules made with Silicon Ribbon Technology

\nWe just got in 6 containers of SUN modules made with Silicon Ribbon Technology, we are not allowed to say who we get them from, but they are cheap and beautiful and high quality as usual. They run from 200 to 215 watts mostly 17 Volts. You can see them listed under Sun Modules. They are available for approx. $1.82/ watt per module, 1.68/ watt per pallet (28) and $1.55/ watt per container. Call or e-mail Louis, Adam or john Kimball for help: 305-710-9645,\n\nNow we are competing against ourselves: We are now negotiating for about 5000 modules from a major supplier at an extremely low price. If it happens it will alter the price per watt nationwide even at Sun Electronics, we think. We should know in 1 week. The chance of it happening is about 10%.

What if solar panels were sliding glass doors?

Would sliding glass doors be given detailed quality ratings, like competitors in a big Olympic event based on items such as  transparency, warranty, and  lifetime and in thousands of differnt internet sites, articles, magazines, reports, studies and research papers worldwide?\n


  • Would they have to be certified by Underwriter Laboratories (UL)?
  • \n

  • Would they have to be approved by the California Sliding Glass Door Commission?
  • \n

  • Would they have to be approved by the Florida Sliding Glass Door Commission?
  • \n

  • Would they have other certifications to be used in Europe and other countries?
  • \n


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