Projections for Solar Growth Are Excellent

That’s the word that’s going around. The decrease in  incentives, especially in Germany the worlds largest consumer, is the primary cause. However about a 30% increase is still expected in module sales. Every year people always say the market is going to sink in the next year. We have done our share of talking too much about solar’s economics being so dependent on incentives and warning people but I have changed my mind.\n\nThere is so much more to think about than economics. The production of nuclear waste, the ongoing destruction of the environment, dependence on foreign oil, the depletion of oil supplies and the effects of air pollution and changes with our climate are a few good examples.\n

Working in solar

\nIn nearly 40 years of working in solar I have never seen it do anything other than get better every single year. We have always believed in being fearless and going “all in” went it comes to buying every good deal that comes our way for PV modules or BOS. We have never done anything except grow and gain from this approach with solar. The cost of manufacturing has not come down much from one year to the next but the cumulative effect of  approx. a quarter percent increase a year in module efficiency a year for the last 25 years and the increase of electrical costs form a symbiotic relationship that guarantees solar success to reaching wide spread cost effectiveness within a decade as long as we in the industry just keep working fearlessly and aggressively.\n

PV industry

\nRecently someone asked me if we were going out of business because of the low prices we were selling at in our current winter clearance sale. I assured them I will be working for solar till I drop dead.  I have been working in the PV industry before a single Megawatt system had been installed. It was my passion then and it’s my passion now. I feel exactly the same as I did about it 37 years ago. As long as I have a roof over my head and food on the table I think I could do it forever it has so much promise for mankind and everyone can get involved. It’s not rocket science. Everyone who has a solar home has a solar story. Most people love to hear about them. Solar energy breeds passions that are much higher than a nuclear breeder does. That’s why solar next year will grow again and that’s why the incentives will continue because every day people are beginning to see that money spent by our government for solar is a drop in the bucket compared to government spending to support the Nuclear and Fossil Fuel industry.\n

Solar Energy

\nWithout any doubt solar energy deserves the same support from our government as it has from the people certainly as much if not more than the oil industry which is the most profitable industry in the world, I believe. The world loves solar energy and so does America. I think next year we might see lower profits unless Germany and Spain makes an adjustment and maintain the incentives they offered last year. It could happen . It would not surprise me in the slightest especially after they see how many jobs that were created and how much infrastructure will be lost. It would be typical solar energy and its affect on people everywhere   .