New warehouse in S.F

FYI:  We just opened up a new warehouse in S.F. We put about 3 containers of Canadian Solar Panels in there to start off with (very low prices). Contact or for more information. We will be loading it up with inverters, Suntech Modules Len May,( Pres. of N. American Sales) has been great there to us, SUN modules for off grid applications (best price worldwide, we believe), probably Evergreen A and B’s ” Probably” since we miss our old support guy there Alan King). I always say now that if you have a good relationship follow the man not the company if you want good things to continue to happen, Alan was a straight shooter and still is as well as Sunelec refrigerator/ freezers and  Sunelec inverter/chargers (sine wave and modified sine wave, we think we have worked out the bugs). As usual our prices are unbelievable. Continue reading

Lots of Distributors On The Internet Don’t Have Warehouses

They make their ads and web sites look like they have big warehouses and they have nothing. They take orders then just  find other suppliers to drop ship it. It’s ok but we don’t do that.\n\nI’ve never seen pictures of any big warehouses full of inventory on the website of Wholesale Solar, SolarHome, Affordable Solar, AltE, or any of the other companies advertising hundreds of products “IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP NOW!”. As far as I know we are the only ones who do. At least the others don’t show it if they do and that seems like a pretty important thing you would want to know. There are a lot of companies out there that are nothing but computers.