We very possibly, have some really big SOLAR PANEL deals coming soon. Hang in there! It’s looking good. “Steady as she goes captain.” (From like a hundred cool war movies back in the good old days when courage was still respected by everybody in America.)

Yes two are already there on Home page but they are ready to be shipped now and, sorry those two can’t be sold in USA, however these ones coming up  they are importable!!!! Into USA they are located in Cal. And in Fla.
ETA for Chinese is 3 weeks out of Honduras Chinese though and then 100MW in 1 week out of Shanghai.
The other ones will take 2 weeks for Ca. And 3 weeks to 4 weeks out of Miami.
Volumes are enormous, some are barely used others are used just about 2 years.

Many are brand new but all are good.
We also got great deals recently on inverters with built in battery chargers.

Trying to keep working in this crazy world, Hurricanes, political stress to the breaking point, terrorism, mass murderers, God what are you doing, hear us o lord. 


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