A Good Way to Get Started

A few posts back I went out in the shed and dragged out some examples of ways you could put together a small solar power system for camping or to get you by after a storm. They are functionally equivalent to some of the systems you may see in the corner of the page when browsing the internet, but cheaper.

They are also a good way to get started in solar.  Gain some experience.  Learn some things without the mistakes being too expensive.

The reason I bring this up is that John says he has a ton (probably literally) of small odds and ends of panels.  He is offering them as low as 12 cents/watt, but in the same breath mentions that he likes to haggle.  Who knows what kind of deal you can make AND end up with a package that will keep the lights on during your next blackout or keep the devices charged on a camp out.

Get several panels with the same voltage and put them in parallel to stack your power.  OR get identical panels to use in series.  We’ve made posts about such details and you can look that up.



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