I Don’t Know What It Is, But I LIKE It!

Every now and then you need to tidy up a bit. I’m bad about that sort of thing. I needed to take a truckload of batteries up to the recycler in Atlanta, but the Chevy just won’t carry enough. Then I inherited, sort of, a Ram 2500, which can carry an additional ton without any problems.

I loaded up and got on the computer to plot a course to the recycler.  The GPS course used the interstate, which is scary to a fellow who has to drive 4 miles to find a stop sign.  Most of the interstate, say between Mobile and Newnan is not scary to me.  But when you get to the outskirts of Atlanta, it just goes crazy.  They don’t have cloverleafs show up on the GPS map, they have spaghetti bowls on display.  I don’t know if their highway designers are geniuses or just plain nuts. 

Using satellite images of the area, I came across the strangest thing.  It was a huge building, though from overhead it looked like an alien vessel, just arrived on our planet.  Better yet, it was festooned with solar panels.

Hey, if you are going to do solar, why not be awesome about it?  I was eventually able to determine that this is the National Archive at Atlanta building.  I spoke with a guy who lived nearby and he was familiar with the building, but he’d never seen an overhead view and nothing on the ground gives a clue.

Georgia has a lot going on with solar.


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