Mystery Dust

I laughed this morning as I read a news story about West Virginia and Maryland residents wondering about a “mystery dust” that was coating their cars and homes. We have it here in NW Florida, too, but it is no mystery.

Really, it’s SPRINGTIME, y’all.  I hear tell that up north it is still cold and snowy, so it may be some of OUR pollen has blown up there.  My pickup trucks are crusted with yellow pine pollen.  My wife’s freshly-painted car (twice, because a large deer caved in the side of it, right after the first painting) is crusted and guess what else?

Mystery Dust 1

We are at week two into air conditioning.  Not John’s super efficient new solar units, though.  Mine are the ordinary kind, run with brute force solar.  The temperatures have been pretty mild.  68, this morning and the high will be in the low 80s, so the a/c isn’t working very hard and I have not had to squeeze all the watts out of my solar panels.  The time is coming though and I will have to deal with the mystery dust.  Get your car wash bucket and that long handled scrubber and get busy to get those watts fired up again.–Neal

PS:  The buck walked it off.  The car needed a new fender and door.

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