One Moment, Please

I called John to fuss about the website and email. Yeah, there’ve been problems.

In his John’s Blog, you never know what kind of crazy stuff you’ll find, but there’s really useful info, too. He mentioned a recent email blast and I didn’t get one. I live 700 miles from Miami, so it isn’t like I can just drop by and see what specials he has going or what kind of leftovers might be in the back corner of the warehouse. I rely on the emails for that info. If you did not get a recent email from Sun Electronics, do what I did. Go to the main page and sign up anew. Databases get corrupted and stuff just evaporates with computers. Freshen up your listing. John has some really great deals on the way.

Then there is the trying to get the page to come up. You can’t find deals and I can’t write blog if we can’t get in. There has been a problem, lately. I observed the page as to how it did not work and it looks like a DNS problem. When you type in or another site, it calls up the Domain Name Server, or DNS, to see where to go next. If that is broken or a cable is down, you don’t get to the site. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Research Rich, the IT guy du jour, says the signal is bouncing all over the world before it gets where it needs to be. It is being looked into.

IT guys and gals and webmasters at Sun Electronics are like drummers in rock bands. Lots of turnover. I don’t know if they die or just wander off, but the new guy has to figure out what the last guy did or did not do. I have put word in that I want to see more tech details and data sheets.

The phone usually works, though, so give John or Roberto a call if you need anything.

While I was on the line with John, I checked on what inverters he regularly maintains in stock or can get a quick drop ship on. I have been getting questions on setting up a backup or solar hybrid system, with details on what hardware to use. AND I have been wanting to answer those questions with an article with specific hardware that I know will do the job. Watch for that soon…if I can get back into the website.–Neal

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