eVault 18.5 kWh Lithium Battery

(2 customer reviews)

Total Energy (kWh): 18.5
Capacity [Ah]: 300
Nominal Voltage [V]: 51.2 (48)
Voltage Range [V]: 45-58.4
Recommended Charge Current [A]: 100
Max. Charge Current (Continuous) [A]: 170
Max. Discharge Current (Continuous) [A]: 180
Max. Pulse Current (for 10 sec) [A]: 200

Fortress Power’s engineers are on a mission to provide you with the most advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery available! Not only is the new Fortress eVault 18.5 kWh battery safe, long-lasting and affordable, but is also equipped with a brand new LCD screen that displays voltage, state of charge, remaining capacity and power output.

    • We use the safest, environmentally friendly Lithium Iron Phosphate technology
    • 10-year warranty; up to 6,000 cycles
    • Smart energy management system supports multiple applications
    • Competitively priced and easy to install with high round-trip efficiency

2 reviews for eVault 18.5 kWh Lithium Battery

  1. Yariel Feliciano

    Good capacity batery ,no price in this info

  2. Dennis Darby

    As a previous solar system customer of yours, I wish to find out what is the present cost of two E- Vault 18.5 KWH Batteries, shipped by CARICOM Freight to Jamaica. Many thanks in advance for your efforts.

    With continued best wishes.

    Dennis Darby.

    • sunelectronics

      Hi Dennis,

      Please call our offices at (786) 565-9359

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