Schneider Conext XW6848-Pro Inverter/Charger $3695

(4 customer reviews)


4 reviews for Schneider Conext XW6848-Pro Inverter/Charger $3695

  1. Teofilo Pinales

    Me interesa un inversor cargado de 6kw

    • sunelectronics

      Por favor llamenos por telefono, en estos momentos todavia no vendemos online pero pronto podra hacerlo. Muchas gracias!

    • sunelectronics

      Por favor llamenos por telefono al (786) 565-9359. Tenemos vendedores que hablan español

  2. JR

    This inverter is outstanding. I purchased mine from Sun Electronics at the cheapest price anywhere. I looked all over the Internet and these guys had the best price. Zero hassle transaction: walked in to their warehouse, walked out an hour later, loaded with my XW+6848 – yes, this is the “plus” model. I also bought batteries from SunElec which allowed me to quickly bring the system online that same day! They have the accessory boxes for this machine as well, if you need it.

    This inverter has saved me a number of times already. I use it as a large UPS for my home, where I routed critical circuits through it. I have it setup in AC-coupled mode with Enphase microinverters from the solar panels (also bought from Sun Elec). The XW controls the Enphase inverters so it regulates production and battery charging. Seamless, reliable, no issues with clocks going fast or slow, no issues with PC UPS which means power and timing (Hz) is rock solid.

    Highly recommend this inverter and highly recommend Sun Electronics.

  3. Lonnie W Johnson

    We ordered a 200 w system for our beach Cabana from Sun Electronics last year. Best money ever spent. The 30 foot Octagon Cabana was new and was costly to service with the local power grid. We used multiple 12v appliances and lights but did incorporate a 110v fridge. Everything works great. looking for another system soon, hopefully, for another client. We’re in the Sunny Bahamas so we get a really good sun supply most of the time.

    We recommend Sun Electronics for all your Solar Needs. And the staff is Great too.

    • sunelectronics

      Hi Lonnie,

      We’re very glad to hear your experience with us and that your system is working flawlessly. We look forward to working with you.

  4. Dwight Hewitt

    I purchased the XW+ from SunElec in 2015, June. To date I have no issues with this robust and reliable product. I tried other inverters and nothing compares; got 12.3KW for 8 minutes. (Didn’t fault) load was reduced.
    Highly recommended! 5 stars.

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