400W Trina Bifacial Solar Panel


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Higher performance with strong core technologies

The core technology of Duomax Twin lies in its bifacial cells, in which Trina Solar has the most sophisticated R&D and industrialization capabilities. Trina Solar has the most advanced production technology of dual-glass modules in the entire industry. With the integration of dual-glass, multi busbar (MBB) and half-cut cell technologies, Duomax Twin achieves higher energy generation performance.

Higher reliability

Duomax Twin is ideal for diversified applications, like utility-scale projects, commercial & industrial rooftops, agricultural & fishery projects. The unique module construction provides greater protection against potential induced degradation (PID). Duomax Twin is less susceptible to micro-cracking, module warping, UV aging and corrosion from sand, acid, alkali and salt mist.

Optimum Combination: Bifacial Modules with Tracking

Duomax Twin absorbs solar radiation from both sides, with a bifaciality rate of up to 70%. Paired with a tracker, you can achieve a 1+1>2 effect and improve the return on your investment. Compared to a conventional monofacial module as a benchmark, higher performance gain and lower LCoE will be achieved by using Duomax Twin modules + tracker.






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