Sonali 80W Solar Panel

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1 review for Sonali 80W Solar Panel

  1. Deano Vestal

    I have 12 on the roof of our RV that we use for travel hunting in Colorado, Utah & New Mexico. Weve added 4ea 6v Batteries & replaced the small RV frig with a 10.1 cf stainless 110 frig. We power thru 2ea 500w Tristar charge controllers we purchased with the panels and send all thru a 3,000w sine wave inverter. The panels have worked flawlessly without fail. Our last hunt in 2020 was 21 days without any outside power added. We use everything except the roof A/C without thought of power shortage… We also have 12 Sonali 80w panels on the roof of our off grid cabin in the far South W. Texas High Desert. Identical setup with the addition of 2 more 6v batteries. There we also run a top loader washing machine, and stay there from 2 to 4 weeks. I have sent several people to Sunelect to purchase these affordable 12v panels. They have duplicated what we did with our systems with the same consistent results. For someone wanting simple and are working with 12v system, this is the way to go and low cost overall… Really Great for someone that has handy, commonsense skills easy Diy… Deano

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