Sun Electronics on Facebook

I was perusing Facebook the other day and an ad popped up from Sun Electronics. There was an item of interest to me, but I could not pursue it just then. Great deal and it was not in an email blast.

It was not on the web site, either, so I figured I would find it on the Sun Electronics Facebook page.  Just one problem, there.  There are lots of Sun Electronic pages that are not related to Tucson John.  There was one Sunelec page in Spanish.  I thought maybe that was something Roberto set up for the Spanish speaking crowd.  Nope, it was an outfit in Spain.

If you want the genuine, original Sun Electronics, home of everything solar, you gotta go here.  If you lose this link, search in Facebook for Sunelec4.   Clicking FOLLOW should get you notices.

It’s Saturday, so I’ll be calling Roberto on Tuesday (Monday is New Year’s) to order the deal I spotted.  Happy New Year.–Neal

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