You Can Do This, Too

Lunch for two today at Arby’s cost 35 bucks.  Can you believe that??? For that you can get 350 watts of solar panels from Sun Electronics.  Just switch to raman noodles.  In a month’s equivalent you could have panels equal to the typical installation those pesky solar installers put up. That’s enough to cover a typical grid-tie system, if that is a good option for you. Solar for the price of lunch. Think about it.  

Now go to John’s Solar Blog. There’s a link next to my link. Scroll down and wait for it to load. There’s a letter from a guy who put in a small solar power system himself, got it all signed off, nice and legal, then added more.  Let it inspire you!  It is one of the April 20 posts.

Pay no attention to prices on the Sunelec main web page. It is ALWAYS out of date  on used panels because John is always finding more modules. They are stashed all over the country and selling for a dime a watt. Call Roberto and get some panels on the way while the sale is still on.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo of my power use from the power co-op, this month.   Zero, zip, nada kilowatts.  They still hit me with a minimum of $45.23, because they can, twice what Florida Power and Light would charge as a minimum. I guess that’s cheap enough if you equate it to renting a backup generator.  Oh, and note that the month with the greatest power use was only about 1/10 a typical home’s usage.  I just bought another pallet of panels on sale, so I expect some more zero months.–Neal

You Can Do This, Too 1

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