Are You On The List?

Do you get the email blasts from Sun Electronics? If not, you might need to go to the HOME page and sign up to find the latest bargains.

I am not in the sales department at John Kimball’s solar wonderland. I live 700 miles away and I find out about the latest deals via the emails, like everybody else.

Right now I have more solar modules than I know what to do with. Honestly, I have piles of them, so the listings of a super deal on panels doesn’t get me worked up. When I have needed panels for a project I have gotten excited and headed down Interstate 95 and loaded up the truck.

Are You On The List? 1
If you know Sun Electronics, you know there are always good deals on solar modules. If you know John Kimball, you know he sometimes goes bonkers with some crazy-cheap bargains!

This last email had some goodies known in the trade as BOS or Balance of System. That means the rest of the stuff, beyond just the solar panels. I got all worked up about the GS inverters in the latest blast. There is such a high demand for 48v inverters and charge controllers right now that they are hard to find and generally not highly discounted. Yet, there they were.

I am presently up to my ears in inverters with not just a live set, but a selectable hot standby. Otherwise I’d have been on the phone to Roberto in a heartbeat. I like the GS series because you can get 240 out of a single unit, unlike my Sunny Islands. And if you need more power you can “stack” them. Furthermore there are all sorts of options for grid tie, grid interactive, standby or standalone. They are super reliable, too.

From what I read, there may be a new version of the GS out. That’s the only reason I can figure for a clearance on such good stuff as that!

I don’t know if those units are still there or if there are some new bargains. Call Roberto to find out if you need some new gear or a spare.


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  1. Want to interview you for the Home Power Hour radio program, Carboro/Chapel Hill
    interested additionally in DC Solar mobile generators
    Working with Native Americans in Louisiana. built a wind turbine and supplied small solar generators for tribal offices and disaster emergencies

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