How would John do this? FREEEEEEE STUFF. No, he’d probably expand that a bit. Make it a bit more grand.

A company in the solar training business sent me a cool solar tee shirt. It has a house with solar panels on it and the slogan “Savings Through The Roof.” Cool. It had been so long since I’d filled out the form that I forgot who was sending it. They wisely put their name on a sleeve. Companies do stuff like that, “free stuff to the first 100 clicks” to see if anybody is reading their newsletters.

My wife thinks my free “KRAMER, built to rock hard” guitar shirt is naughty. I can’t help it if she or anybody else has a dirty mind! I wear it with a chalkstripe blazer.

The point of subscribing to the newsletters is not to get the free stuff, though, it is to learn something or keep up with the latest news. I found a notice of an auction with 9000 solar panels in one. John jumped on a plane and bought most of them. He’s been scrambling ever since to figure how to get them inspected, sorted and shipped. I don’t know the details, but be sure you’ll see some more great deals, soon.

If you do a search for solar newsletters you’ll find a lot of stuff you don’t need. Do we really need to know there’re 3 GW of solar panels held up in customs because the wrong people made them? Or how many megawatts were installed in India this year? Probably not.

However, Congress just passed the Nothing To Do With Reducing Inflation Act (or something like that) last week and the newsletters are full of info that just might be useful to you if buying solar or an electric car. Ferinstance, order your new EV soon because when the IRA goes into effect that $7500 rebate will only apply to cars with batteries and motors and such made in USA or Canada with homegrown minerals and components. There are no such cars!

Well, anyway, talking about free stuff, I bet you were expecting me to tell you John would give you a free tee shirt. Nope, all you’ll get from him is “The World’s Cheapest Solar” stuff. As a consolation prize, I’ll tell you where you can get a free book download with some interesting insights on solar panels, batteries and battery charging. It is useful stuff. I think they will mention a charge controller they make. It sounds pretty good, but too small for my projects. This URL is the FREE page of a company that deals in off the wall science. The solar book is good. For some of the other stuff, you might want to have a tinfoil hat handy!

For free tee shirts, visit your local blood bank and save a life! I have about 100 shirts and all kinds of other swag from them. –Neal

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