Slow Down! Think Ahead!

A week or so ago, the big news was that California has banned gas car sales after a certain date.  Many of the car makers have announced they will be all electric by a certain date.  Did anybody stop to think they might be getting ahead of themselves?    You know, where’s all the electricity going to come from???

Here we are, just days later, and California is asking residents to NOT charge their electric vehicles because they don’t have enough power to keep the lights on and charge the cars.  Hoo boy, who’da thunk it?

If you have solar power or are planning it, maybe you should plan ahead about including power for an EV.  Looks like there isn’t going to be any way around them.  I just got with John on another pallet of panels for me.  I have a second inverter set, already, so I should be EV ready.  Or be able to charge the E-motorcycle and the farm buggies on cloudy days when the clothes dryer is running.

Ok, I know what you are thinking.  How’re you going to afford a bunch of panels?  Well, John is out in Nevada, now, testing, packing and shipping around 5000 modules he just bought at a great price.  He will have to get done with the logistics and get things priced, but you can bet on a good price.  They will be stored on the left coast, so if you are in California where there isn’t enough electricity to go around, these panels will be close and shipping won’t be as expensive.   Give it a week or so and watch for an email from, announcing a price.

If you are on the other side of the country, John will have  a super deal on some huge bifacial panels he got recently.  475 watts big!  I have been begging him to get them priced with the Graciela seal of approval.   John would just as soon sell them below cost, but Graciela insists there has to be at least a little profit.  I guess that’s fair.  Otherwise, we’d have to buy our solar stuff elsewhere. at a higher price.  Watch for notice when these are ready.

With hurricane season here, even though the hurricanes have been holding off while parts of the country get flooded the old fashion way, we still could get a good hit.  Therefore, I am working on a series of posts on basic and advance power backup systems, including some that could be used as a building block to eventually having a full solar power system for your house.  Trust me, I am an expert on all the expensive mistakes you can make, so you’ll learn how to avoid them.  I just have to do a little “artwork” on system diagrams.  I will get to it when I do.  Making the announcement will give me incentive to get it done to keep you from yelling at me.

Also planned, what’s the cheapest, mostest, bestest solar system for you?  I need to draw up some diagrams for that, too.

In the meantime, I’ll work on John to get some prices on these new acquisitions.   You don’t need to wait on that, though, there are some really surprising prices already posted on the website.–Neal

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