I’ll Bet the Neighbors Wish…

This new hurricane, Zeta, went where the forecasters said it would, to Louisiana and Mississippi. So how come here in Florida I have winds howling above 70 mph? Ah, 2020. Gotta love it. 2020’s motto is Murphy’s Law. What could possibly go wrong?

It’s 11 p.m. I’ve finished tonight’s installment of a Miami Vice marathon out in the Solar Shed/ Man Cave. Only 106 hours of DVDs to go, but not tonight. I’m in the house, now, writing this and sipping some hot chamomile tea before bed.

I would just about bet that right now my neighbors are wishing they had solar power or battery backup.

The power lines went down about an hour ago.

None of them dragged out the generators for this one. It wasn’t coming here, right?

Don’t be in the dark like my neighbors. Give Roberto or Tony a call. The number’s on the home page. They’ll help keep the lights on.–Neal

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