Where the Politicians Stand

You may have noticed that it is political season. What have the politicians personally done for solar?

Solar at Florida Governor's Mansion
Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist shows off solar panels at the Governor’s Mansion. Hey, it IS the Sunshine State.

Jimmy Carter put solar-thermal panels on the White House roof. They came down the next time the house was reroofed, though they were still working. One is in the Smithsonian and another is in a science museum in China!

Bush 2 put solar on the White House, again, as did Obama. What? Did Obama add some or did Bush’s come down in another roof repair?

Former VP Al Gore, Mr. Global Doom himself, claimed his mansion was carbon neutral because he invested in green energy and bought solar energy credits that added a paltry $432/month to his power bill. He even bought some CF bulbs! To his credit, he has added 33 solar panels since then. I wonder if he has switched to LED bulbs?

What about all those other politicians out there? There is a web site that examines rooftops to find out where they stand. Check out https://solarpowerchallenge.com/ to see where they stand! Use a satellite app to find more rooftops.–Neal

PS–Spoiler. Neither of the presidential candidates appears to have solar power on their personal abodes.

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