Keep It Simple

When stringing wires along your solar array, you need to keep it neat and tidy, especially on ground mounts where they are visible.

On my last array, I looped long UV-resistant (hopefully) plastic cable ties through holes in the panels.  Most panels have some holes in the frame, but if you feel a need to drill, put a piece of board against the back of the panel…just in case you slip.  After I got all my wires through the plastic loops, I pulled the ties snug and clipped the ends.

Yesterday morning, as usual, I was going through all my solar newsletters and a company that makes wiring solutions was announcing their latest handy product.  It was a shower curtain clip!  Okay, it was in stainless steel and the ones they have at WalMart are probably not, but still….

Hung upside down from the way you’d use it in the shower, even the chrome-plate ones you can get for $5/dozen should last a good long time.  The plastic ones won’t hold up to sunlight and the more expensive hangers with the roller balls won’t add any benefit.

Anyway, just a thought.


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