Outback Power GS8048A Inverter/Charger $4300

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  • Nominal DC Input: 48VDC
  • Continous Output Power: 8000 VA
  • A/C Output Voltage: 120/240 VAC
  • Dimensions: 28 x16 x 8.7
  • Weight: 125 lbs

1 review for Outback Power GS8048A Inverter/Charger $4300

  1. Neal Collier

    This inverter is rock solid dependable and packed with versatility for all sorts of installations.. You can use it off grid, grid tie or zero export. One unit will give you 110/220 split phase and if one isn’t enough, you can stack them to multiply capacity. Two will run a big house without issues. With so many power companies having rate structures hostile to grid tie, get this and it will blend your solar power and, if needed, grid power to run your home. No extra grid tie fees and no pennies for your excess power. If I had to buy new inverters, this is what I’d buy. I have worked with a stacked pair of them for some years in a neighbor’s installation and can’t say enough about them.

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