Show and Tell

I wanted to show you a couple of examples of some really nice solar work I have seen lately.

I’ve known Courtney for 60 years.  Back then Courtney was a guy name and, in his case, it still is.  Courtney has gone nuts for solar in the last few years and he is at it again.  In addition to our joint solar a/c schemes, he decided that his curved solar pergola grid-tie is not putting out enough to suit him, so he’s adding modules. There is no more room on the pergola, but there is plenty on his north fence, which happens to be close to his grid tie gear. Between the fence and the retaining wall we built (somehow I got roped in on that) he came up with a quick and easy mount that looks good, I think.  Under the panels it would be easy to integrate some sort of box for storing yard tools or such.

This is just to try out…He’s adding more.

Show and Tell 1

Then there’s Daryl, to whom John introduced me a week or so ago.  OMG what a system he has and what beautiful work he does!  Daryl lives in a barn in Texas.  No kidding, it is a Texas thing and they call them “Barndominiums.”  This is neither Daryl’s first barndo nor his first solar power rodeo.  Sadly, there was a fire that destroyed the first.  Texas has some serious hail, so his first system actually had doors that slide on rails to protect the solar panels!  The new barndo has 16kw of modules, ganged inverters and a monster battery.  And it is simply elegant!  It is grid-tie with battery backup and he sells more power to the grid than he uses. Here’s where the kilowatts begin

Show and Tell 2

Here is where kilowatts live…in the giant BullDog battery.  Moving that dawg requires mechanical assistance.

Show and Tell 3

And everything has to pass through here

Show and Tell 4

THREE inverters, Daryl???  Really???

Show and Tell 5

Okay, I admit it.  I’m jealous.—Neal Photos: Courtney and Daryl

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