This is for people who’ve lost their homes due to disasters, perhaps poor, didn’t have insurance, or anyone needing help.

You might find this suggestion helpful. You might consider purchasing a solar panel, LED lighting, and a 10 cu. ft. refrigerator/freezer from a Home Depot type of do it yourself supply store or from us, Sun Electronics. We have all of it, you can buy it after or hopefully before the disaster hits.

With smaller and more efficient appliances, you can run them for years on 500 watts of new, or better yet, slightly used solar panels (used panels are much cheaper but almost same power and lifetime as new). You will also need a small 2,000 watt inverter and about 4 golf cart, 6 volt, deep cycle batteries. The approx. cost for all of this $790!!

In my opinion there’s no need to buy a battery charge controller as long as you check and keep the batteries full of clean or distilled water. But if you want one anyway their inexpensive.

The solar panel will last 30 to 50 years, the brand new 120 V AC refrigerator/freezer will last 10 years and the LED lights will last for 10 years. Batteries last 5 to 7 years.

And, there’s no moving parts, no generator noise, dangerous fumes, or gasoline storage, etc. because you don’t need to always buy a generator. But if you do, always add a battery charger and you’ll have a hybrid energy system just as unbelievably efficient as a hybrid car!

You can keep your food fresh and drinks cold, have ice, and have plenty of lights with just some basic simple instructions to keep you safe.

If you want more, we’ve designed tens of thousands of systems for free. We can also help you install it as well as find the most efficient appliances. Energy conservation is our most abundant energy resource.

We’ve shipped worldwide and speak English, Spanish, Creole, and Chinese for 35 years.

We hope you never experience a disaster of any kind. But, nowadays you never know. We think the concepts above can really help someone be prepared and hopefully help them afterwords if they weren’t.

Thank you for looking at my solar blog!

John Kimball

46 years in Alternative Energy

I think we are about to have 8 containers of grade B modules in a couple of days. Because the way they are packed we will want to sell them by full container loads.

Call me I’ll tell you all about it. We haven’t sent out an email blast yet! Just arrived and are custom cleared in the USA.

695 panels per container. Call me for more info but I warn you, I’m on vacation and won’t be easy to reach.

This is what we’re best at. Around .29/watt. They’re beautiful.

305-322-1086 cell


Shark Attack Encinitas, Ca.

First of all, pray for the 13 year old boy who is in critical condition . His name is Chad Hammel.

Or just google shark attack San Diego.

I believe I saw a10 ft. Great white shark in Del Mar yesterday. It was in a wave in 8 ft. of water. In was about 150 yards from the shore, only 5 miles south of the attack location. Another person in the water said she saw it too. We were both skin diving. It was 4 hours after Chad was attacked. We were within 10 feet of it! Encinitas is about 10 miles north of Del Mar. We didn’t know about the attack.


Louisana Solar Electric After Katrina. NOLA, the land of rooftop solar.

Hi John,

I had to run over to New Orleans, Thursday morning, and got a better look at something I saw when I passed through 3 years ago in my solar-powered boat: rooftop solar galore!

Driving along Interstates 10 and 610, you can see perhaps hundreds of roofs adorned with solar power, both PE and thermal. Nowhere else have I seen such a concentration of rooftop solar! Why?  In a word, Katrina.  These are all in the district that was flooded out during the big storm and most of the houses are new or rebuilt.  That area was without power for a very long time, so maybe that’s the reason why they rebuilt with solar.  Hopefully it includes battery backup.

Maybe we’ll see a surge in rooftop solar in the rebuilding of the Carolinas after this recent bout with Hurricane Florence.




Neal your taking over my blog, and I’m really appreciate it!