“The day doesn’t come to you, you make the day come to you. The good is the best way to handle your life.”

Fritz Blaise works with us. He’s from Haiti. He handles more customers than anyone in the office. Like all the Hatian people who I have met, he is always up, he doesn’t let anything get him down. He’s always smiling and laughing. That takes a very special person to do that. He calls it good meditation.

Fritz is what I call a blocker, while the rest of our sales engineers try to design and sell big module orders and systems. Fritz takes care of almost all of the Haitians and there are lots of them who visit our Miami Warehouse, showroom and office. While they buy one or two panels, maybe batteries an inverter or just an MPPT he treats everyone the same as the other guys treat our biggest customers. He’s always happy, always laughing.

I have 4 Haitians working for me. They are all like Fritz. Extremely cool people because of their generosity, work ethic, kind heartedness and positive outlook on life. I wish I could be more like them, nothing bothers them. I’ve never, in 30 years seen one of them get mad.

I try to tell people this because they probably don’t know any Haitians because they live so far away from Miami, Montreal, New York where so many have settled.

People need to know this because do many of us are so messed up. Of all the nationalities I have met I have to tell you they are number 1. Resilient doesn’t even come close to describing them. Even in Haiti where they suffer from such great poverty and hardships like hurricanes, floods and earthquakes you can’t keep them down. The pop up with a joke and a smile. Amazing people truly the most amazing I have ever met. America should know this.


Who said life was supposed to be fair. Don’t let it get you down. The Buddhists day your your worst enemy.

Retirement is for the birds and a lousy way to kill yourself, slowly, lonely, bored and depressed. Relax, don’t do it. It’s all small stuff. Remember 100 years all new people . As long as you do your best it’s all that matters, even if you fail. Because trust me, there’s always someone who’s much worse off.

Oh did I forget to say something about solar energy, well eeexxxcuse me….I guess now google the algorithm monster will not show my solar blog because they say you have to.

I hate and love google. Small stuff, let it go JK, shoot for solar world wide. The daytime, when the sun is bright and the sky is blue belongs to everyone. The dark clouds are the utility companies, the crooked solar solar sales robot rip off machines trampling thru what used to be an honest business. Greed isn’t good it destroys so much. Giving is where it is.

I haven’t made a dime in 46 years on solar, that’s the truth, I am more than happy to break even and happiness is the most important thing except love but they usually come hand and hand.

I love solar because it excites me, the possibilities are endless all over the Universe.

Do you know how many suns there are out there? It’s estimated by astronomers there are over trillion to the 200th power, there isn’t even a name for the number of suns/stars it’s too large in fact no one really knows .

These utility companies, with their humongous Utility Lobby, third only to the Defense Contractors and Oil Company lobbyists think they can keep it up, but’s it’s illegal, it’s a clear conflict of interest for them of all people to be in control of this power. And it’s now just beginning.

I know I exaggerate but I’m trying to point out my take on solar energy after 46 years of going crazy over just the thought of all the potential solutions to problems we earthlings have from our single star.

I know this sounds weak but start writing everyone you know who is in Congress about Solar Control. Believe it or not they take it into consideration if they see there are enough letters/votes. I worked on The Hill and I can tell you it’s true. Representatives and Senators used to get millions of pre-printed post cards demanding a response from their Representative or Senator from people who wanted no gun control. The NRA sent them the postage paid post cards to sign and mail. Laundry carts were used full of dozens of trays filled with tens of thousands of these post cards are used to be delivered to their offices every week. US Representative George E. Brown Jr. (D-Ca.) and Representative Morris’s K. Udall (D-Az), my bosses, took notice, it became and still is one of the major hot potato issues they debated on floor and still is, of course. Persistence pays more than talent or genius. We can do it, we all have to do it because the control over Solar energy is more important than guns. It never goes away, someday guns might too, I think. But in the long run 5 billion years from now solar energy will still be poring out of the sky. Gun Control may turn into Robot Control or who knows but now is the time and it may be too late for the next couple of generations if the utilities have their way. Right now I feel pretty much alone on this one and even a little fearful of even publishing this blog. I’ve been screwed by greedy people before but this concept is everlasting not just a temporary issue.

Booring, too long, what do I know, I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of negative feed back but I’m happy and content for now and that’s a nice under peace being honest gives you.

Of course honesty is not always the best policy, like if your playing poker and someone asks me “what’s in your hand John?” Or if your in Mexico and a cop pulls you over for speeding when you were going 15 mph, pull out a $20 and move on.

Tooooo long. I could have writing a 500 word essay on solar control and sent it to every representative and senator in Congress by now. That’s the google I like.


We just got in another container of the 3 yr. used perfect PV modules. It’s the last container .

We are sending Louis to South America, can’t tell you which countries but there is a huge supply of surplus and slightly used 5 yrs or less. He’ll be gone two weeks so if you need engineering assistance call me and I’ll connect you to another.

You can always call this solar company salesperson: me, John Kimball and I’ll do whatever it takes to help this planet blast off using solar power.

Don’t get SUN burned by sales man that call you to schedule appointments, go door to door, have a book filled with phony graphs and charts . I’ve seen the training manual for use while sitting in your living room. It’s all fake facts, and then beware of the final left hook, the super sharp salesman, previously a used car salesman whose s pro at screwing toy even further trying to convince you to rent it or worse. FINANCE IT Over 20 years and triple the the companies profit.


A gigawatt is a thousand megawatts, yeah that’s right a trillion watts.

Ever seen the size comparison on google of $1000, 10000, 100,000, 1,000,000? When compared to a trillion 1,000,000,000 of stacked up cash it’s amazing . Go look and think how many gigawatts have been installed worldwide so far. It’s mind blowing.

BUT the utility companies are vying for total control of our solar energy. They are the ones behind the whole thing now.

They plan to outlaw independent rooftop installations.

They will get solar power at a fraction of the price and won’t change the cost of your bill by one cent. They will make trillions ofmore dollars than ever before, unless someone can stop them.

It will have to become a political hot potato and it will take an act of Congress to stop them. The government should limit how much they can charge for this super inexpensive source of energy. We should force them to reduce the price of electricity. If they aren’t regulated or taken over by the government or something the sun and sunlight that we thought belonged to everyone will be polluted and poisoned by their greed. Just like what we’re doing to the sea, land and air.

Where’s the Union of Concerned Scientists, they knew this was going to happen in 1977. I heard them testify in the House of Representatives, I was in the room! It was a hearing by the House of Representatives Science and Technology Committee in the Rayburn building (boy is that a pun). We’re all going to get screwed, I think. They published that testimony. Read it and weep. It’s in my blog I’ve published the whole thing in my blog several times.

Snap out of it people on earth , at least the ones that enjoy freedom like the United States of America. Someone with great power needs to defend us and try harder to fight back. It’s turning into a big rip off. Is that what we used our tax money for the last 50 years for? Billions, no trillions of dollars for research and development, demonstration projects and all the tax credits and PV factories. We’re going to get totally screwed.

As AEE always said, it was “Power to the People ✊”, not the utility companies. Of course if you disagree that’s fine go ahead and buy into utility stocks. If can’t or won’t even try to beat them, join them! GREED IS GOOD, ….NOT!

“The best things in life are not things.” Saw this on a plaque

Don’t attached or you might get addicted to things. For me it’s my in box. Trying to get all those things on my to do list every day. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve even taken a breath for hours. Solar energy research, development, demonstration, design, marketing, PR, screw ups and even blogs can take you away from enjoying the love from family, friends, nature, the universe and the miraculous existence we are part of. So don’t forget to breath or at least to stop and take a few good deep breaths and feel good.



Here is how are new website will look like

Here is a link, right now it seems it only works on a lap top or desk top computer. I would not look at it on a cell phone, it’s apparently not formatted for that but you can try if you want. It’s a work in progress. Let us know what happens and if you do see it looking ok let us know. Also it is updated to show exactly what modules we have now.

I miss the days of electric type writers, faxes, land lines, and 411.

“Ya know what I mean, ya know what I mean, Sonny D.” (From the movie “MEET THE MILLERS”).

Good Luck 🍀

John K.

Sunelectronics New Website

This is bizarre, to me anyway.

I know it’s not about solar but it’s amazing, in fact, it’s too amazing. Now I know that videoholicisizm is real:

Just go to YouTube and type in “top 100 viral videos of the year 2018” or 2017 etc.

OMG 90+% are so unique and most so well done, directed, written, or incredibly lucky to have been captured on video.

It almost made me feel like I had missed life.


The latest solar developments.

1. Sun Electronics’ new website with the lowest prices is coming soon. Below is a preview.

2. The interest in totally independent solar systems is growing by leaps and bounds.

Who wants to have a grid-connected, UTILITY CONTROLLED ?! Solar Electric system. Well a lot of people do and I understand that, it’s cheaper,? but why give the best part of solar away, if it’s possible to have a totally utility-disconnected system. That’s like a cake without buttercream frosting. At Sun Electronics we recycle ♻️ and create electric power. We do it by not fearing used modules, grade B and C (slightly off spec factory modules) and we end up lowering the main component part of your system by approx. 50% or more.

PLEASE compare our prices to any other distributor anywhere. Remember Solar modules are tougher than automobile windshields, once their made its almost impossible to turn them off. Go ahead try hitting one with a hammer, a 45 slug or a shotgun, it just keeps on ticking after it takes a licking!

Anyway I just wanted you to tell me what you think of our new website approach. We’re switching from html gobbledygook to word press (that’s what I’ve used to write over a thousand stories on PV plus a few other as interesting subjects on John’s Solar Blog. Solar is taking over.

It’s so hard to keep up with all new fresh, unbelievably low price offers we get on surplus, and slightly used, off spec, and refurbished, you name it type modules, we have to speed up the updating of our website to keep up. Well I know it slowed down for a few months but now, for some unknown reason to me, they’re flooding the market. Plus the deals on inverters, charge controllers, racking, energy efficient heating and cooling systems, light weight blue tooth silent portable generators, it’s crazy. We may not be loved by the google algorithm wizard but we can keep up with the ever increasing tidal wave of deals to lower the cost of solar power. It’s still not cost effective you know, unless someone else is paying for it, like me, you and our taxes.

I have to wait to post the new website or my wife won’t sleep with me. I’ll do it later after I wake up.