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Stand By 3

Stand By

I’m changing out the 5kw inverter in my boat, installing a 3.5kw unit.  Do I need less power?  No, I need an inverter that runs to spec and does not melt the rubber transformer mount when you run it over 10% for a period of time.  Good electronics, but not enough transformer.  Typical Chinese math

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Fountain at James Houston Jones Park, Century, Florida

A Little Late

Hopefully, not too late. Last time I promised a series on emergency backup power, with and without solar. I also promised it would take a while because I’d need to take some pictures and make some drawings. Writing a column isn’t just writing. Writing is easy, like running off at the mouth, but people like

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John's Rants 23

John’s Rants

John’s ranting about the shortage and price of solar modules over on his blog. He can get pretty entertaining at times, but he is also very serious. This guy wants everybody to have a roof or backyard full of solar panels. I find it amazing that the government creates a full tilt initiative to promote

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