2 Day Flash Sale: Sunpower, Suniva and Astronergy $.29/watt

Mention this blog and only call me John Kimball and you can have any one of the above modules for only .29/watt. But, it can depend how fast you pay, what else you buy i.e. inverter, MPPT, if you send photos, if you explained why and how you used them, gave people a little story about you and your story, give us a good review (if you feel we deserve it) on google reviews. And, if you would please, don’t mention this sale to any of my sales engineers without calling me or my assistant Esmeralda first.

Also we also have Chinese poly and mono for $.17 cents /watt. All brand new because of a cancelled project. Yes that’s correct .17/watt but FOB CHINA. 20,000 – 335 watts.

It costs $.04/watt to ship them to any port in the world. And since the Chinese practically own all the container ships and ports including the Port of Long Beach. Because of our decades long relationship with Chinese companies, they always give us the best shipping rates you can get and, that’s if they won’t just ship it for free, if you ask.

The best form of payment for both you and me is always a wire transfer, it’s fast, safe and we will take credit cards up to $3,000, sometimes higher.

I will also trade. I’ve traded PV panels and BOS for gold, diamonds, silver, vehicles, boats, land, even entertainment equipment, furniture, etc., etc.

Good Luck

John Kimball

Cell 305-322-1086

Screw it and Let that crap go.

Check this out on YouTube.

Warning it’s not vulgar but it’s great therapy.

Don’t read it if your afraid of seeing the F word.

It’s for people who can understand how swearing can be away to release stress and to let things go among other things.

I will always work with you to lower your price so please call me or Roberto and we will give you a deal you can refuse. Latest worlds lowest price panel deals are on Astronergy, Sunpower and Suniva. See below.

Warboard solar panels sale

Astronergy 305 watts Qty: 10 containers FOB Miami  $.33/w  pallet price      

Suniva B grade 275 watts      Qty:27  pcs             FOB Chicago   $.29/w            Last Pallet 

Suniva B grade 280 watts        Qty: 1625 pcs         FOB Chicago   $.29/w           FOB Miami $.32/w   

Suniva B grade 280 watts        Qty: 300 pcs           FOB Chicago   $.29/w           FOB Miami $.32/w   

Suniva B grade 285 watts        Qty: 25 pcs             FOB Chicago   $.29/w              Last Pallet 

Suniva B grade 320 watts        Qty: 44 pcs               FOB Chicago   $.32/w              two pallets left

Suniva B grade 325 watts        Qty: 44 pcs                 FOB Chicago    $.32/w             two pallets left 

Suniva B grade 325 watts        Qty: 22 pcs                 FOB Chicago    $.32/w             Last pallet

Suniva B grade 330 watts        Qty: 264pcs                FOB Chicago   $.32/w           FOB Miami  $.35/w

Suniva B grade 335  watts       Qty:682pcs                 FOB Chicago   $.32/w            FOB Miami  $.35/w            

Suniva B  grade340 watt         Qty:484pcs              FOB Chicago     $.32/w           FOB Miami  $.35/w 




                 sell by the pallet  ONLY

      GCL          330w             QTY:1,066 pcs      pallet  QTY: 26       FOB NC   $.40/w  FOB Miami $.45/w

Seraphin   280w         QTY:728pcs          pallet QTY: 28         FOB NJ    $.42/w  FOB Miami $.48/w

Boviet      350w            QTY:702pcs          pallet QTY: 26         FOB  NC  $.39/w  FOB Miami$.46/w

REC           335w              QTY:184pcs          pallet QTY: 30     FOB NJ $.42/W   FOB Miami   $.48/w

REC          345w               QTY:120pcs       pallet QTY: 30         FOB NJ  $.42/W    FOB Miami  $.50/w

Canadian Solar 305w   QTY135pcs      pallet QTY :27       FOB NJ   $.50/w FOB Miami $.58/w

Heliene   300w             QTY:728pcs       pallet QTY: 26      FOB CA    $.54/w   FOB Miami $.64/w

Trina max  350w          QTY:108pcs         pallet QTY:27     FOB  NJ  $.49/w    FOB Miami  $.57/w

Heliene 255w                QTY:108pcs         pallet QTY:26          FOB NJ    $.49/w   FOB Miami  $.58/w Hanwa 305w              QTY:350pcs          pallet QTY:25      FOB NC    $.38/w FOB Miami  $.42/w 



                                 BY CONTAINER ONLY


SUN POWER 305 watts Qty: 525  entire lot $.29/wFOB NJ

First Solar 105watts  Qty:950 entire lot only  $.40/wFOB NC

S-energy  360 watts  Qty:95  entire lot only  $.49/w FOB NJ

GCL  335  watts  Qty: 5,980   container only  $.39/wFOB CA

GCL  325 watts  Qty: 6,344 by  container only  $.38/w FOB CA

Yingli  325 watts  Qty: 8736 by  container only  $.37/w FOB NJ

Hanwa qcells   385 watts  Qty: 1,800 container only $.52/w DDP

Heliene  325 watts  Qty:8,008  container only  $.36/w  DDP

Heliene  360 watts  Qty: 6,496  container only  $.46/w DDP













Trina       185 watts     $.26/w   per watt  qty: 290 pcs 

Q-CELLS  325 watts      $.295/w  per watt   qty: 510 pcs

Solar Park  250 watts    $.235/w per watt   qty: 630 pcs

ET Solar 265 watts      $.337/w   per watt  qty: 240 pcs

Note this solar modules are for exports only , we ship to any bonded warehouse ,verify whit your shippers if they received bonded merchandise ,additional charges apply for clearance of the products.


















Solar powered honey dipper.

Solar everything, even the honey dipper!  If you spend much time around boats you know that you can’t just flush overboard.  The holding tank has to be pumped out on occasion. Now there is a solar-powered roving pump station.
In my opinion, they got this wrong.  There is way too much motor on this thing, probably because it was set up by the motor maker.  Or maybe they can actually get that rig up on a plane, for speedy service.  Torqeedos have a fair reputation if you can tolerate the noise they make.  Where it is underpowered is up top.  They are going to have to plug this thing in at night if they use it much or if it has to travel very far.  It is a FREE service for boaters and won’t use any gas, so I shouldn’t be too critical.

Another one bites the dust

Hi John,

While I generally support Trump’s trade negotiations with China, I agree with you that we should end the solar tariff.  You just can’t make money building modules, so let the Chinese take the loss.  They don’t really understand the need for profit, anyway!



Kinda makes you wonder how all these new solar farms are going to be built.


Write to the government.

Hi John,
Last time I came down to Miami, I went through the Panhandle at night.  I could not really see the hurricane damage, except for the trees that were cut off even with the edge of the road and the signs saying that the rest areas were closed.  Friday, I went through there for a family day in Georgia.  The right-of-way is pretty well clear, but work crews are hard at it, getting out the damaged timber.  Some people still don’t have a new roof!  This is over a distance of maybe 60 miles, with some areas looking like they were carpet-bombed.  Even mile markers were blown away.  I think it is 4 rest areas that were decapitated and still out of commission.  This is well inland from the coast.
I keep wondering what it would take to get a big push for solar in those towns, like Chipley, Marianna and Chattahoochee, as well as the coastal communities.  I found this http://solarpowernola.com/ about New Orleans, which is huge on solar power.  It seems they had some help with “programs.”  That’s personal rooftop solar, too, not corporate farms.  Whatever they did needs to happen here in Florida!  Somebody with some clout needs to get the ball rolling.  Any ideas?