Perhaps I’m naïve but not everyone cruises the strip, been there done that, so try a Sunelec Party because we have World’s Best Parties as well as the Worlds Lowest Prices.


Of course, we will scare the crap out of you. Louis and Adam will be there for your entertainment, however, all political correctness must be left at the door to see their show.

You probably haven’t met Kurtin before, our newest and now our tallest employee, 6 ft. 9 in, You can’t miss the new guy in the company. “Mr. poker face” always talks without blinking, and drools a lot. He’s easy to spot in a crowd. As a bicycle and dirt bike champion, he broke his neck 4 times. He can’t look you in the eye without standing sideways. He can only look to the right, and he can’t turn left and can be seen walking in circles when inebriated.

Lek from the Eastern SUN Nepal/Phoenix office will be there to give lessons in Sanskrit. At midnight he tell tales on the Abominable Snowmen in his family Tree.

. (It’s just a joke Christy – relax).

And yes, hopefully Christy from Tucson, my daughter will come.

Our last SPI party was in Dallas, at the fake House from “Dallas” we rented there, was cool, mainly because David Katz and Heart Ackerman and his zany nuts from Costa Rica showed up. The food was awesome.

Were are hoping this one will be as good or better, so we sent out 30,000 invitations Friday night in our email blast, oh yeah, we will have other surprises too ! BEAUTIFUL GIRLS for your enjoyment and entertainment, Oh yeah, a two headed monkey and FREE Elephant rides.   We have a beautiful pool table and we’ll be having a tournament.

Be there or be square. Party starts at sunset and goes to dawn.

Just Returned from Phoenix, Mexico and Guadalajara and downtown Miami.

About Sept. 12th we went to Phoenix to see some modules. What a crazy trip. We didn’t buy anything but the food and the fun with Louis, Adam Christy and our special guest Annie Carson was a really fun time. Seems like we were laughing all night long.

I haven’t drank that much beer in a long time.

My daughter Christy took us all out to eat at a great restaurant for Mexican in Scottsdale.

Now if I could just get my Money back. Seems the seller doesn’t give refunds until they feel like it. You know every single person who has screwed Sun Electronics over in the past has paid been dealt with pretty harshly by the powers that be. Not that I won’t stand still for it myself but everything always works out for us. I don’t know why but it just does.

Then right away I went to Mexico City for the Green Renewable Energy Show. I hate paying thru the nose for anything so instead of a $4,000 booth I got the $1,700 special. It was so small I almost chickened out . I thought it would give us a bad image. But you know I swear Sun Electronics had more people per sq. ft. than any other booth in the place and it was a good show. I think every State in Mexico showed up at our booth. You know you can begin to tell what state people are from after awhile but its weird when its Mexico because each state is like a country unto its own with lots of different, very different looks, customs, etc. From the small Mayan to the tall Sonoran. That’s me I’m from the Sonoran desert good ole Tucson or what’s left of it.

Anyway at the show I hired a kid in a suit who was really nice for $80.00 to stand in front of the booth and hand out our current e-blast in Spanish while I was talking a mile a minute blowing everyone’s mind since I was speaking in Spanish. It’s funny

Spanish or another language, its like your own native tongue, you love to talk but don’t like to listen as much right. So when I get talking in Spanish I love myself, even though I can’t roll my R’s or speak that well but I can think in Spanish and say “Como se dice” = How do you say …? Hell I even had dreams in Spanish. Anyway our e blast had the place buzzing super low cost Yingli. Were inspecting them next week, its just taking them longer to get here and oh yeah they have to be exported out of our bonded warehouse or shipped direct by container to one of our warehouses or direct to Mexico or Costa Rica or Venezuela, etc. etc. since they have Chinese cells.

After the show I went to Guadalajara. The I took a Taxi to Ajijic 40 miles away for $30 pesos. It’s been 10 yrs since I was there last so I had to have a cab take me to his door that was 3 blocks away that cost me another $30 USD because the guy drove around in circles but never on the right street. Sort of like that company in Phoenix I tried to buy those solar panels from .But like I said it all worked out. My bro yelled down to me from his apt as we were driving by and we I went up and we thru eggs at the Taxi as he drove away, no not really.

Then it was sleep, eat, sleep go for a walk eat more Chile Rellenos,Tamales, Tacos, and even Filet Mignon for $6. Everything was very inexpensive and the weather was like winter in Miami. It was really  really refreshing for me.

Bob’s book, How To Stop Believing in Hell, is selling well I think. I recently read it for the 4th time. I love it, of course my whole family is in it since its autobiographical. It talks about growing up in a small Tucson 30,000 pop. back in the 40’s and 50’s – 70’s. My mom used to always tell us beware of Mexico, only an hour away , it looks like a butterfly but stings like a bee. Mom’s are/were always right. Anyway he looks great,moves slower like he’s pretending he’s old, he’s got me doing it for about the last year, now I’m really doing it too after seeing him. I look and act ten years older than I am just like him.

Oh yeah in Ajijijic there is a really big solar electric company. They look like they had about 4 pallets in back of Solar World.

Oh yeah I knew I had been somewhere else, I came back and right away I went to an exhibition for Renewables in the Caribbean in downtown Miami for 2 days. I got in for half price $700 as long as I promised not to eat or drink anything, sweet.  I had a great time acting like a lunatic, not wearing a suit, seeing old friends and exchanging business cards and I actually had several excellent discussions with power project developers there. I know we will be doing that soon in the meantime we love doing off grid houses. With things like Ebola out there maybe its a better hand anyway.