Thank you everyone. It’s like a dream! First, I’d like to thank my Mom and Dad…

I could never say enough about how much love they gave me and all the amazingly wonderful childhood memories the created for me. But I’ll sure try (later)…


Mrs. Cele Petersen my friend and advisor for 60 years even till the final day at 102 and even now.

My special teachers. 12 years of Catholic schools. Nuns are incredibly beautiful people.

My friends. I’ll never forget them all. “Never forget your friends.”  It’s also voted the number one regret on your deathbed, not having kept up with them. So give one a call.

My 3 brothers. I’d like to forget one of them, but I can’t, even though I try sometimes. If you ever want to talk Bill, call me any time, I’m here. I think of you a lot.

My super great employees. Just the ones that didn’t rob me, after all, it is Miami, oh yeah,  and all the interns. How much fun it has been, best work related memory of all: the Evergreen Solar auction. We learned so much, as painful as it was for everyone. Thanks for putting up with me and us.

Best memory ever: the after work football games in the 511 parking lot. God that lasted years I think throwing the long bomb with the mini football, as many as 20 guys playing in a parking lot only a 100 feet long.  Bounce pass off the 511 office wall. The sky rocket dodgeball with Louis the death defying  volunteer target. The Roman candle fights and the annual monster Christmas tree blazes in the middle of downtown Miami! I do love being a kid.

So many more:

At this point I’d better say goodnight.



God only knows what I’ll write. It’s not just about solar.

My blog is famous for saying whatever I’m thinking about. It’s always tempting me, sometimes to the point of getting me in hot water with customers, suppliers and my wife.

One night I came home after a night out with the boys at a local topless club and I recanted the whole hilarious and unbelievable evening, Including a lesbian dwarf that jumped a dancer and detailed descriptions of dancers covered in whip cream and attached to sky rockets.

Oh well who wants to write about solar energy there whole life, right?

(Just purchased 1.2 MW of Suniva Grade B MADE IN THE USA! Arriving in 1 week.)


35 cents

I sold my first pallet for 6 dollars a watt, now I sell them for 35 stinking pennies.

At this rate soon solar power really will be 

FREE! (soon to Sun, I think and hope) The operas not over till ….!

Haitian NGO’s on deck!


no need to measure

When you are in that state, and there is that contentment, a scale isn’t required. You don’t need to measure it. You don’t need to weigh it.

In other words, happiness is happiness is happiness and contentment is contentment is contentment. When you feel this way you don’t need to measure how happy you are, your happy and content, period.

We’ve all felt this way at one time or another. Is there any way to stay that way?

We want the same thing, everlasting peace and happiness, while we’re here. As far as after that, I don’t know, but I’ll find out and I’ll let you know.


I’ve been freaking out.

I called Mrs. Petersen my mentor in Tucson years ago to ask for advice. “Cele”, I said “everything is a disaster,” and I laid down a line of whiny complaints how I was loosing money, employees would’nt do what I asked them to, my competition was killing me, and on and on. “What should I do, doesn’t it ever get better?”  I asked. She replied, “Johnny it only gets worse.” She was 92.

Cele Peterson was one of the most famous and well loved people in Tucson. She lived to be 102.

She always told me “Johnny, always remember, God’s in control.” She told me “never give up.”

Well that was a good lesson, but I forgot it, and  I wrote some recent personal/business related blogs that I shouldn’t of.

Well I erased them. And as Cele suggested, I let it go, Like water off a duck’s back, Shine’em on, Keep on trucking, Never look back, tomorrow’s a new day, and her favorite, “Don’t worry about the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff.”

How easily I forget. Luckily, I’m a logical person. And if things don’t make sense, it drives me crazy till I figure it out, you know.

I guess that’s why I fight so hard to sell solar components that are cheap enough they actually make economic sense. And in a lot of cases, without having to take other people’s money to pay for it. We have to start doing that sometime with renewable energy, so why not start as soon as it’s possible. As my friend Bruce told me 43 years ago, “someone’s got to do it, it might as well be you Kimball.”


It be remembered for a long time, I think.

We in Miami and Miami Beach dodged serious personal hardships and financial loss. 

But, two tracks show it returning next week .


We have three bulk module deals confirmed that will be 3 of the best value deals in the USA. 

It is always my goal, as most people know, to buy modules at the lowest possible price so that we can resell them at what is often, a mind blowing unbelievable $/W price.

We were offered a lot of deals at SPI two weeks ago. Right now we have about 50 of them. Louis and I have chosen the best 3 out of everything that was offered to us at SPI. Our choice was based on the following:

1. Made in America

2. Free shipping

3. Quality: brand name, reputation, high wattage, and efficiency.

4. If the seller’s character and personality is someone we could work well with in the long run i.e. David Katz, Bern Stewart, Alan King, etc.

Right now Louis is compiling the list of all 50 of them but we will highlight these three in the next newsletter. We will send it to you this Wed.

Make sure you subscribe at the top of our home page if you haven’t.

Thank you.



The PV industry was throwing tons of money away at the show.

Even Sunelec was throwing money away at the show! The only difference between us and the module mfrs., was ours was fake. Scrunched up $50 bills on one side, an ad on the other. (I had a great time).

The prices quoted were cost and below cost. SolarWorld and Kyocera (who was a no-show) were some of the few I knew who refused to bend over.

I may be wrong, (but probably not) I’m too old, but the cost to make a PV module now is about $.43/watt unless your Chinese then maybe .39. The, unbelievably still falling prices being quoted were .45 per container and .40 for Farms (25 to hundreds of containers). They can’t even lower the price more than a fraction of a cent if you buy a thousand containers vs 25 containers. 

The PV mfrs. have painted themselves into a corner.

It won’t take more than a breeze to knock them down. There are mountains of stranded inventory everywhere. Unless your selling solar farms you out of the running. And that’s just buying the mfrs. time, I think. After 30 years everyone is still trying to buy market share in the future. What a cruel business. 

The solar farm developers are making a return on investment of approx. 15% I was told. They are keeping every industry module mfr. alive. 

Hmmm I sure hope I know what I’m doing and saying here, but I’m trying to be honest.