The panic has begun.

panic buying is beginning because a key Senate subcommittee has discarded any extension is the Solar Tax Credit.

I advise anyone in this business to get on a plane and visit every factory they can as fast as they can to get them to agree to a set allocation from their factory to you for the time remaining till the solar tax credit expires on the entire industry.

If a miracle doesn’t happen you can say goodby to the 100’s of billion’s of tax payers’ dollars invested in developing solar energy over the last 25 years.

Whoever says that The American PV grid connect market can continue on as usual without it is either crazy or trying to sell you something.

The Utility Lobby is too powerful and sees the writing on the wall for a PV success story.

Why our Representatives in Congress decided not to include PV in the recent bill to extend the 30% ITC but did include all the others.

Our Representatives on that Senate Committee and their staff who made the decision probably think solar can stand on its own two feet now, but wind, geothermal, etc. all still need help.

You know the truth:

The cost of electricity has to be 40 cents a kWhr. Currently the U.S. avg. is 10 a kWhr.


The cost of crystalline solar panels has to be around 20 cents a watt. It’s now around 55 cents a watt.

The bill is scheduled to be voted on by the Senate this year. Write now.

Your Senator:

Please extend and increase the ITC for Photovoltaic power (Solar electric).

We have a long way to go, but much progress has been made. According to a SunPower (Warren Buffett’s Co.) engineer, the cost of solar modules have to be 30 cents a watt, it’s now about 55 cents, or the cost of electricity has to be 40 cents a watt to be cost for PV to be cost effective against utility power. It’s now approx. 50 cents.

The 30% ITC for PV has helped to bridge this gap and Americans are installing PV Projects and home systems everywhere. If you end the ITC for PV by excluding it, it may destroy all the progress we have made so far and waste hundreds of billions of dollars we have invested in it.

In the early 80’s the cost of PV modules was $6/W, today it’s $.60/W. Based on that trend, the cost of making a PV module will be $.20/W soon. And, in a few areas (Hawaii), the cost of electricity has reached $.40/W.

Please do your best so we don’t lose the momentum we are now seeing, that the PV ITC has provided PV research and development we have attained. We are close to making a monumental change in America’s energy supply in only a few more years. We have come so far. Why end it, since we are so close now ?


Holy Cow

Susan Kraemer, Correspondent Warren Buffet’s utility NV Energy has signed the lowest price contract for solar ever, at just US $0.0384/kWhr for First Solar’s 100-MW Playa Solar project, beating even its own record low price of $0.046/kWhr cents for SunPower.

Well tomorrow is the last day of the unbelievable Yingli Sale. Not.

It’s not every day you can sell Yingli modules @ $.49/W and make a decent profit.

They are the most successful PV mfr. in the world at the present time, and they make one of the best UL and IEC certified modules, I believe.

What’s the deal with this certification rip off. IEC certifies their modules to 1000 Volts but UL only to 600 Volts but U.S. building Inspectors won’t accept IEC as being sufficiently tested. I have been smelling this stinking fish for years now and I’m sick of this hypocritical bureaucratic crap. What are we going to do about it?  COMPLAIN, WHINE AND KICK SOMEONES ASS, AT THE LEAST!

(Advertisement) So luckily we still have the SUN HE (High Efficiency) modules. At 225, 325 and 430 W and up to 20.4% efficiency they are the best deal for quality and price $.54/W in our Solar System maybe even in the Galaxy. Why? Because their up to 20.4% efficient, that’s why stupid.  That means the SUN HE 430 watt module is about the same size as most 250 watt modules ! And, “THATS INCREDIBLE” ! PLUS, they’re UNDERATED BY ABOUT 5 WATTS SO YOU GET THAT FOR FREE, AND WE ALL LIKE GETTING SOMETHING FOR FREE, RIGHT? What more do you want?

The SUN HE modules are perfect for water pumping, off grid homes, (If your smart, considering it’s 3:39 AM, it’s time to surf to somewhere else, I tend to get more stupid by the hour, more annoying than funny but I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t like to and just didn’t care, I’m 64 so I’m acting like it) independent power, hybrid systems, off grid anything, sail boats, small ships and big yachts, islands (have you ever been to Catalina Island, never go to Avalon, always go to the Isthmus if your going to be there for more than a day.), cabins, beach houses, tents on the beach, tents in the mountains,  nomads sitting in the dirt, Indians in hogans, big tepees, caves, cliff dwellings or really big igloos, big barns, farms, VW buses, school buses, underground homes, tree houses, carports, Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes (screw you, all you home builders who think solar’s ugly, it is,  but,..we’ll show you how good it can get next week.), rich people, intelligent people, stupid people, really poor people, demonstration systems, art projects (why aren’t there more art projects, real big fountains, really, really long electric fences, cathodic protection, telemetry, telecomm systems, lighting systems, automatic feeding systems for large herds of animals or elephants, electric chairs, outdoor music festivals, kite, rock or Rainbow People (hippies of all types –Hare Krishnas, pot growers, surfers, school buses and commune groups, very spaced out people – but peaceful – they were the original rainbow symbol users  before “they” stole the flag), festival’s PA systems, NASCAR RVers, Quartzite RVers, Tucson Gem and Mineral Show RVers, Snowbird RVers, guys who own fast cars (because statistically they like PV as well), retired engineers, pilots, mines, miners shacks, long, long term camping, chicken farm lighting, pig farm lighting, grow lights, outdoor lighting, outdoor anything, off grid air conditioning, off gird music systems. off gird ice makers, refrigerators, freezers,, 12 volt anything, 24 volt anything, 48 volt anything, air craft search lights, electric cars, tornado warning systems (uummm maybe not, better use Solar World or Kyocera on that), really really big boom boxes, boom box dance parties, washing machines, electric dryers, electric stoves, electric ovens, Cheap Chinese Outer Space Stations, running your computers and charging your cell phones – a shitload of em, forget about batteries you can throw them all away except the rechargeable kind, getting rid of guilt, helping to stop pollution of just about preserving natural resources, powering signs and printing presses and websites to convince people to eat right so they can have more energy, feel better and get it together – stop shooting each other al the time, run re-grooving centers for defective people, provide employment to everyone, stop wars, playing old records from Frank Zappa, The mothers of invention, Rubber Soul, Johnny Cash, Country, Soul, Motown, Marvin Gay, Ottis Redding, , Gospel, Jazz, run non profit clinics and schools and orphanages, refrigerate vaccines and medicine, provide a comfortable environment so people can relax and feel peace inside. Oh yea and running devices  that fly thru space circling the Earth and keep us aware of kickass storms and take pictures of bitchin weather photos, planets, the Sun, galaxies, nebulas, this place where we are.  Oh yea and movies, food, light, medicine, food, swimming, sports can all be improved by the presence of the SUN HE modules. They’re so efficient it reminds me of a  Joseph A. Bank’s commercial “GET TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE .”

In the olden days certain multi-millionaires used to build huge mansions along the coast of California. While their castles (William Randolph Hearst) were being built, they would live in a tent on hill nearby. These tents were big and would have a hardwood floor, Persian rugs, beautiful furniture, fully outfitted kitchen, formal bedroom, fireplaces umm well maybe not a fireplace but maybe so, anyway I don’t know about that, seems like they had one though, I think. Anyway I saw pictures of the Hearst Tent and it was cool man, really cool. So I got to thinking wouldn’t it be great, or what, to find a totally secluded location along the coast of the Baja Peninsula, the Sea of Cortez, or nowadays somewhere, perhaps safer but similar. Buy some property set up the PV array and you could have something that would be out of sight. Right off the beach. The beach that would entertain you and feed you. You could have a solar pump to make fresh water from a reverse osmosis system, great music, very important, need a teenager for that. lots of kids, lots of pretty girls oh oh how am I going to get out of this I was just about to say “and the fam.” well it’s OK to look right? Hell I’m 64 on Aug.5 so I’m no threat anymore, I just like brightly colored objects, so to speak, and to make one of these tents but who wants to do that and be alone. Anyway , oh yeah you’d need a freezer to keep all the seafood in, some days you don’t feel like fishing, of course there are clams, shrimp, lobsters, crabs, and lot’s of butter and mayo for them. ice ice and ice. A big refrigerator, all running on solar. And some frozen juice, beer, cold water, cheese, wine for social visit by the local fishermen who might come by. Anyway, do it in November for about 4 weeks when its not so hot. Baja gets too hot in the summer, Anyway, anywhere where nature is is in charge instead of the creatures of the city, cold grey, brown and army green; asphalt, cement and sad shrubbery and identical trees , I’ll take Kangaroo rats, sidewinders, whales, dolphins, sea creatures, sea shells, man don’t get me started i could tell you stories you would not believe. I’ve actually done this along the Sea of Cortez but no solar panels or tent, it was an old run down train station in the middle of nowhere the closest people were 50 miles to the north and 100 miles to the south, our backs were up against the Pinacate National Park in Sonora, Mexico, desolate man, like Mars. To the West right at our doorstep was the Sea of Cortez. John Steinbeck sailed all around its edge collecting specimens for his marine biology lab in Monterrey on Cannery Row. Good Book. Anyway I love nature because it’s real, Little kids would love a trip like this even enough to put away there electronc games for a bit althhough tey would’nt have to, video games aren’t all bad, some are truely amazing and we would have no shortage of electricity with the SUN HE array, and, I like great sea food, outdoor fires, music, skin diving and the sound of the ocean at night and all day long, reminds me of breathing, I asked my 10 year old son the other day what he thought was the best thing that ever happened to him in life so far, and I asked it to compare our answers and I said food, he said “being alive.” You think they never listen to you then they suprise you out of the blue.

The only company I know that makes a panel this efficient is Sun Hour or something, who I believe, still holds the world record for module efficiency, after several years. There’s a problem, however, they don’t sell them to the public and if they catch an installer doing it they castrate them, unless you’re a certified, bonefide, licensed, deputized, sanctified, canonized member of their of their top secret cult. They are sort of like See’s Candy. If you never had it, but you’ve heard about it, you have to try it, it’s like a nightclub with a big line outside. Its a 100 year old company that’s like finding a needle in a haystack. Most cities in America don’t even have it available anywhere. You can only find it in airports. You don’t know how good they are, until you taste it, but if you find a store or buy it online and you get some, it blows your mind how good it is. I highly recommend The Nuts and Chews, Lollypops, Cashew Brittle, and Peanut Brittle. It’s like really, really amazing how powerful they are. LIke a really intensely good Deli, everything they make is delicious. By the way In Miami Roasters and  Toasters on 41st St. in N. Miami Beach is just like a box of  See’s Candies, everything there is fantastic.  MMMMMmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me go to bed now. Wake up and quickly erase this.

Life is too short to get all wrapped up about profits, expensive cars, and electric light from the Sun, right? I’ve got to stop doing this. It’s now 4:25, I’m nuts.

The Federal Reserve

More on my research about the Federal Reserve.


The Fed considers the Federal Reserve System “an independent central bank because its monetary policy decisions do not have to be approved by the President or anyone else in the executive or legislative branches of government, it does not receive funding appropriated by the Congress, and the terms of the members of the Board of Governors span multiple presidential and congressional terms.”

That’s weird.

I keep seeing ads all over the place for used Kyocera-120-1 Don’t buy them. Here’s why:

We went and looked at about 1,000 of them before they were advertised on Google Shop, eBay, Amazon, etc. 85% were severely defective, with burnt buss bars. Kyocera accidentally produced these poorly soldered modules between 1999 and 2002 . Somehow thousands are being sold back into the market by about a dozen resellers who have full knowledge of the danger.

For an ecellent report go to and

Beware of people selling these panels at 400% margins. Most of them we saw had the mfr. dates, serial numbers, taken off or covered with an indelible magic marker! Many have marker numbers on the frames, I figured it out……they were RMA NUMBERS !!!!
I decided not to publish the names of the companies selling them but will if they keep selling them. For more info call me.

The worst ignorance in life is deception.

Solar World Forgive Me. I have Been Converted!

Adam and I went up to Solar World for a tour of their plant.  Thanks to my old friend, of 25 years, Roger Locke, S.E. Regional Sales Manager at Solar World, we got a tour directly by the Plant Designer, Manager, and Business Development Leader, Mr. Marvin Talbert. The tour was an inspiration of heavenly proportions. By the end of the tour, I was convinced that America has one of the finest PV manufacturing plants I have ever seen, perhaps one of the best in the world. And this Mr. Talbert wow, his tour was mind boggling because he was a genius at what he did and does. He was extremely detailed, knowledgeable, and professional. He spoke fast as lighting, with Adam and I trying to hang on to this amazing discourse. He answered all of our questions and did so in great detail. We asked His boss, Mr. Ardes Johnson,  if we could have him wrapped up, crated, shipped to our show room. This man could sell a MW a minute. By the time we were only half way thru the hour and a half tour, he had convinced me that we need more companies like Solar World in the USA and that American PV manufacturing, the PV industry and PV in general is on target with all of those growth projections I have seen for the last 43 years. It’s going straight up!

It deserves more taxpayer support, especially for manufacturers. It’s time we forgot about Solyndra. It’s not better factories we need, it’s better bureaucrats, they’re the ones that lost the $500M. I’m not talking about maintaining support,  but better yet, increasing the PV tax credits (ITC) to 40% and extending it past the deadline of Dec. 31, 2016, (only 16 months away), to Dec. 31, 2018.

We then met with both Mr. Talbert and Mr. Ardes Johnson, the 6’6” tall Texan and Vice President of Sales and Marketing. We had an excellent meeting and discussed many important points besides my having been converted by Mr. Talberts presentation already. Mr. Johnson graciously forgave me for for my unnecessary overly negative views of their involvement in the anti-dumping tariff. However, in my own defense, I pointed out that in my numerous blogs, I had at least said, “I probably would have done the same thing, if I was Solar World.”

Anyways, I can still bitch at the Dept. of Commerce, after all nobody likes the bureaucrats in Washington D.C., even Solar World. Besides, If it hadn’t happened, I believe America would have lost every last PV manufacturing plant it had.

We are looking forward to a good relationship with Solar World. They are an incredible manufacturer and a great employer of hundreds of Americans.

In the meantime, three cheers for the USA, Solar World and America’s PV Manufacturer’s. May you grow fast, strong and prosper forever.

Good Bless America and “the good guys” who protect it everywhere. Thank you for the Peace, Freedom and Joy we get to enjoy.


WOW so much exciting SUN pricing still exists, Yingli, SUN HE (20% High Mod. Efficiency), Canadian Solar, Sonali and Suntech, 36, 60 and 72 cells, they’re all in stock right now. UNBELIEVABLE GREAT PRICES are still available (high 40’s and 50’s cents per watt cost), but, you need to move fast because it won’t last. The big projects developers and resellers are buying them up fast! Why? Because almost everyone fears the ITC incentives will end Dec. 31, 2016, You can be fearful but you can also tell them ( what you think, perhaps that they should increase it. Anyway, It will be like the beginning of a tidal wave. The water will pull back from the shore leaving dead fish and ancient wrecks in the outgoing tide as the modules run out. Then there will be a rush of production from what factories are still able to sell in the USA Solar World, Suniva, Kyocera, and India, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. that are importable without the anti dumping duty into the USA. Beware of used modules, make sure you have inspected them. Even big brands can have major problems. Look for modules with the serial numbers taken off, burn marks on the main buss or RMA numbers written on the frames! Also many sellers of used modules don’t use properly sized pallets, packaging and edge protectors. They may arrive to the destination in disastrous condition .

Call me for recommendations.

I’m sorry to say but the best prices even after the anti-dumping tariff are definitely from China and Taiwan (in the low 40’s and 50’s cent/watt cost). Of course we sell those too because that’s about the only way we can compete outside the U.S. After all, we are in Miami. The anti-dumping severely cut into U.S. PV module exports. I guess, no one thought of that in Washington, when they put on the tariff and effectively cut off all lower cost modules from entering the country, (but I can understand that as well after my recent tour of the Solar World factory). Plus, naturally the Chinese and Taiwanese Manufacturers swarmed all over the Caribbean and Latin American PV market immediately. Luckily, SUN had established excellent contacts with Chinese manufacturers many years before, and ironically, that has helped immensely in fighting back, in that market. We’re able to offer incredible deals for export and have them shipped directly from our long time trusted suppliers in China, to this rapidly growing market.



Just realized:

if you want something from us you should buy it. It could be gone in hours.

Not pushing just telling it like it is.

We’re not going anywhere. It’s our 25th year in Miami. But we’re constantly moving, inventory.