What Trump Thought About Solar

In one of the debates I heard him say,  “we tried to use PV on some of our projects but the payback was 35 years and besides that, they wear out in ten years.

Hopefully, someone will reach him and educate him fast before he stops it from spreading in the USA. 

Nice Party. Wished you were here.

Graciela, Johnny, Adam, Louis, Daniela, Johnny, Jeorge Newberry, Vanessa, Roberto, Jonathan, Dick, Dick’s daughter and grand daughter, Larry Faye, Ira, Steve, Sylvia, Mike, Samantha, and many more of their friends and mine, got together and celebrated an 85th, 70th and 21st birthday.

Drink, juice, soda, veggies, Humus, Fruit, olives, Publix chicken wings (voted best in S. Florida,) onion rings, ham and cheese sandwichs, onion rings on the  menu.
Music: Jazz, Beatles, Joanie Mitchel (the best), Latin (best dance), and off course rap, the Rap is actually tolerable, as it’s hard enough to understand as wherever yocu hear its hard enough to hear that you .

Sorry we missed you.  


Feelings and Thoughts.

“Here we are on Earth’s surface, spinning around as we hurtle thru space, each of us, with our own heart.”

I went to see Prem Rawat speak last Saturday. Here’s some of the things he had to say:

“Hearts give us the courage to move forward.”

Our heart is like a feeling machine. Feed it pleasing thoughts about wonderful times with your family, friends, experiencing nature, playing sports, the comfort of home, food, good memories of laughing loving living and hope for the future, and your heart can keep you feeling good a lot longer than those thoughts take you to think. Feelings last hours, they can stay with you for days or more.

When I think about energy sources, coal, oil, nuclear, and fracking, I get really bad images in my mind. I see horrible oil spills with environmental and wildlife destruction, air and water pollution, the real possibilitiy of unimaginable worldwide climate change, massive amounts of radioactive nuclear waste that can’t be stored safely, nuclear melt down catastrophes, the possibility of radioactive dirty bombs in large cities, the proliferation of nuclear weapons throughout the world…. Now I’m doing it to myself, these thoughts are bringing me down!

but… when I think of solar energy, I don’t know about you, but it’s like magical to me, a clean never ending source of power, nothing but light, no noise, no pollution, no climate change, nuclear bombs, meltdowns, or nuclear waste.

Instead, I see, ahhhhhh finally, hear comes the peace and happiness relief, I envision people, families, communities living in the mountains, hills and on islands, swaying palms, pine trees, flowers, animals, clean crystal clear air and water, nice natural sounds, clean fresh food, etc.? I’m just getting going, beaches with the ocean views, nothing but happy people, swimming in the waves, sailboats and boats of every size and  type filled with families, kids, kids of all ages and more screaming happy kids, can I say beaches with beautiful tan people including goobs of knock out beautiful tan girls in bikinis from all over the world (can you tell I live in Miami) body surfing and helping the kids to catch waves on my boggy boards, snorkeling in glassy clear water early in the morning, the clouds, people in sun glasses, hunting for sea shells, pelicans, sea gulls, and under sea creatures of all types:

I have seen the following just  on Miami Beach at the Jetty, it would take too long to list it all so I will say,  a 1,000 lb. Manatee, a huge school of fifty 60 to 150 lb. Tarpons, literally families of Blow Fish, Baracuda, and Cuttle Fish (similar to Squid). Electric Sting Rays, Octopus, Lobsters,  clouds of hundreds of thousands of small fish, one multi-colored sea snake and two small sharks. I feel good now right, refreshed and happy after thinking of all that.

interested in finding that peace. It’s free, his organization also funds projects for poor people to improve their physical lives.

He also mentioned how everyone is complaining that their short term memory is missing? He suggests that maybe  it’s all the thousands of distractions, choices, micro-moments, concepts,  killing, violence, lust, greed, envy, and self destruction on a thousand TV channels, our cell phones, computers, and daily lives. Who could remember anything you did last week or even yesterday with all these distractions ?

He pointed out how rarely the news media shows good news or information about organizations that selflessly go out and provide help to the needy.

He urged everyone to just take a few minutes a day  to practice some meditation techniques that he offers. It’s free. Everything we need to be happy and to find peace is already within us. He always says. “know thyself, said Socrates.” as well as  “Let he who would move the world first, move himself”, also Back around 450 BC. I think this pretty much sums up the points of this blog.

He said, There are places on Earth where people have  been trying to find peace by chopping  each other’s heads off for thousands of years. You’d think by now someone would have figured out by now,     It does’nt work!

2.  Appreciate and respect your heart.

I think he was trying to say, Use your brain to feed your heart and it will reward you ten times over.



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You want solar panels that save you money? I have that. You want happiness? You have that.

Happiness doesn’t come from owning an Electrically Independent PV System, a new Lamborghini or an Ocean Front Mansion.

Happiness comes from inside right? As impossible as it may seem, trying to learn to appreciate every breath you are given each day, is a good way to appreciate L I F E . Impossible you say? Think back to win you learned how to ride a bike. When you had your training wheels taken off. Slowly after many near misses, you slowly started to get it and then, all at once, you had it! Balance, and you never forgot it for the rest of your life.

Life, happiness, can be yours every day, all day, if you can attain this balance. I certainly haven’t got there yet, but I keep trying because I know it’s going to be fun, feel good. When I do STOP and sit quietly, turn off the bad news, all electronics and just sit feeling a few deep breaths for even a minute, I feel better, good, afterwords. I have that balance at least long enough to know I’m onto something. You know it’s just real, it comes from inside not outside. A lot of weird crap comes from the outside.

Every minute we are going thru a jungle of concepts. Some are good and some are bad. Push away the bad ones and hold on to the good ones as long as you can.

Balance is everywhere in nature, nature is what most of us could use a lot more of, you know to calm things down for awhile.

Look I’m a very honest guy . You can read me like a book. If you ask me, “Good morning, how are you sir”, I might say, “horrible, I wish I was dead”, not, “oh fine thank you, and how are you doing today miss?” So maybe your wondering, wondering where does he get all this stuff, or I’m confused what’s this doing on a solar companies’ blog? I got it from a guy named Prem Rawat, google it listen, it’s not a religion but it sure is different, hell be in Miami at the Jackie Gleason Center this weekend but you don’t need to see him just listen in for 5 min. You’ll like it, I think. It’s good for everything even renewable energy.