Something is going on, not quite sure, but something.

I think I already said this. But it’s so strange that I’m going to write it again. In the last week everyone seems to be emailing and calling us like we’re some kind of black hole of the solar electric industry. I’m certain that if I had money like I used to, back in the mid 2,000’s I’d be buying everything and getting myself in serious trouble by buying up all these good deals and ending up with way too much inventory. Watch the web site and especially the email blasts for something amazing that is about to happen.

This time however, we are happy to say we have not set ourselves up for a fall in pricing such that the inventory value loss almost kills us. This is a very volatile industry.

I think everyone has learned the same lesson and are dumping product earlier than ever before.

I want to comment about my last blast regarding the Kyocera’s but I have to wait a moment to help my son with his homework. Oh by the way he just asked me if you would follow him on instagram. His account is johnny1285.

Follow his friends Willyman21 and noisy_boy10 on instagram too he just said. And, he wants everyone who lives near Key Largo to go to the public park there to the waterpark and high dive. We just went there and it was more fun than we have had in years. Johnny did his first jump off a high dive and be the end of the day he was doing front flips of the high dive (3 meters). He’s 9! I was on swim team till I was 14 and I was 12 before I would even dive off the high dive.

OK homework didn’t finish till around 11:00, it’s the next morning. Too much I think for 3rd grade.

About the Kyocera ad, I just wanted to say that the Kyocera ad was backwards it should of started with the cheapest per watt modules not the most expensive, besides I really didn’t want to include the highest priced panels we have ever advertised at the top of the ad. $1.65/watt for for their 12V charging 145 watt module. Although it’s a “perfect” panel and there’s nothing wrong with it. The issue with Kyocera is they can sell everything they make in Japan because of the incentives there. Japan is going to be the first country  in the world to truly get a major part of their electricity from A STAR 92 MILLION MILES AWAY. so they aren’t into buying “market share”. Good for them.