Have you ever imagined how much solar energy is in the Universe?

The Biggest Stars in the Universe

Have you ever taken the time to imagine just how amazing a star, like our own sun, really is? How much energy is produced from the sun day after day? With free energy that comes from a relentless ball of light, one comes to wonder why we struggle day in and day out to pay so much money every month for something we can get for free with the right utilities. With Solar Panels from Sun Electronics, you have more than you will ever need to sustain yourself for years to come. Check out this fascinating video that reveals how small we really are in comparison to how unbelievably huge the stars can be.


of the Battle of Trenton. Worn out American troops on barges surprise attack Hessian Troops on Christmas night. We won and it turned into the turning point of the American Revolution.

How and why would Gen. Washington risk standing in the bow of a violently rocking small rowboat during a raging snowstorm with an American flag that hadn’t even been created yet, as is normally shown for this heroic act.

Moral of the story:

1. Don’t believe the news media any more. Reporters are stupid.

2. Never give up. You always win by an inch, never by a mile.

3. The Sun is simply too big to ignore.