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No one has more great deals than SUN, the leader in cost effective solar energy ! We’ve broken more low cost PV module records over the last decade than any other company on earth! Look up “LOW COST SOLAR PANELS”, SUN is always the first to come up!

43 YEARS, SINCE 1973 is a long time to be trying to provide honest information on what really is cost effective solar. I started with cost solar water heating, educating the people on the types of systems, sizing, and payback time. I gave 50 seminars to over 6,000 people and hundreds of home builders called Tapping The Sun. It enabled people to buy with confidence and resulted in tens of thousands of sales. This service continues today but with solar electric systems. 

I have always focused my efforts on cost effective PV applications, by that I clearly mean   for off-grid independent power use.

PV NEEDS TO STAND ON ITS OWN! Covering the earth with PV systems paid for with government incentives and free money taken from others has never been my idea of logical thinking. It builds resentment and conflict of interests when you connect your solar system to the electric utility companies. It will only lead to trouble for solar  independence down the road. 


I hope you like what your seeing. Not only has God blessed me with the world’s lowest prices to pass on to the people for over 25 years, but now I literally have over 2 GW available for sale. 

It’s been a privilege for all these years to be in the business of selling PV. Thank you for all your support, and business.

I have tried my best and hope you got what you wanted. 

From the beginning, I have put my customers first, even above making a profit! We, who believe that protecting the environment Is so important, are in a business that is not work but fun. 

It took me awhile to get SUN organized and running smooth but I realized from the beginning of opening Sun that if we were honest we’d stand out like a sore thumb. It’s a business that depends, for the most part, on incentives. Hopefully, the economics will change for grid connected solar systems soon.   However, for independent power, away from the main power lines of the world, out there, near nature, cost effective PV prices arrived over 40 years ago.

This was what I knew I wanted to do early on in life. I was lucky. I wish I could have done more, but I think I have done all that I could to promote the use of clean beautiful solar energy. My only regret is that ,…well you can’t please all the people all the time, but I really wanted to and really did try. Oh well, So be it.

THANK YOU! Best wishes for peace and happiness to everyone.


Auction News WE WON!!!!

We are verifying and re-counting the inventory.

We will have exact model numbers and ETA’s of arrival to several warehouses in The Americas.

Watch the blog and SUN Newsletter especially tomorrow. Huge system and BOS Sale to purposely coincide with auction.

First paid will be first shipped.



Trump’s wall

I’ve been in Michoacan, Mexico for the past week and I can tell you people, some people down here are reacting to Trump’s wall proposal. I have received several dirty looks in the local mall and in Walmart. These are people who have jobs and love their country, not illegal immigrants. They have no intention or even want to come to America.

From this side of the wall, I see it creating a lot of hatred towards us, by a people who are much more like us than unlike us.

Like the USA only a small percentage of Mexico’s population are criminals. The idea that illegal Mexican immigrants are all “rapists and murderers” is absurd. 

I never thought Trump was really going to build it, it just sounded good. And I hope he does deal with the problem of illegal immigration. However, I have a feeling down here in Mexico that Trump’s wall just might create so much hatred in the hearts of so many people here, it might not be something we should ever want to do. 

Besides, think of all the problems from destroying a friendship between two great neighbors. There’s got to be a better way. You can’t insult 122 million people and expect them to not want to retaliate. There will be hatred and bloodshed on a massive scale. The spiritual, physical and financial cost far outweighs such a giant wall.

Mexico is full of unique wonderful people and it’s an incredibly beautiful country. There is no reason good enough for Trump’s Wall. That’s my opinion. I guess it’s mainly the use of such an image, a giant wall between you and I. It’s so easy to imagine all the walls ever built, to keep people in or out.

We need Mexico and Mexico needs us. 

Change the laws, increase enforcement,  increase the use of our military, whatever, but drop the idea and word,  WALL,  between our two countries. It will make an enemy out of Mexico, I think, and that will make things much worse. Besides, I’d be willing to bet it would’nt work for long. “If there’s a will there’s a way,” we need something better, stronger.

Oh and by the way, getting into the US is almost impossible legally, unless your rich.The State Dept. policy is screw the poor, go back to where you came from. You will never be allowed in.

Most Mexicans have hearts the size of watermelons compared to many American’s. Most American’s have wallets the size of trucks compared to many Mexican’s. If only we could trade hearts and finances. America and Mexico both be happier.


As world inventory increases, module pricing decreases even further.

It’s funny how things work out. The best deal is on used modules and brand new laminates at about .28 and brand new modules with UL and a 25 year warranty for about .43/W. For details on hundreds of more deals including new and used grid tie inverters just call the office.
When the price goes down the Sun comes up.
44 Years in Solar and counting.

PS. SUN is now the exclusive reseller of Suniva Grade B and C modules. 2,000 avail. And be sure to look at our website for their price. Finally we have roof tile BIPV mods avail. for about .28/W.

Best new deals as of July 2nd. Don’t waste your time on Google call John Kimball, CEO, 305-710-9645.

Solar companies who advertise on Google bamboozle, beguile, burn, chouse, circumvent, clip, con, cozen, deceive, delude, do, do number on, do out of, dupe, embezzle, fleece, flimflam, foil, hoax, jive, milk, outwit, pilfer, pull fast one, rip off, rob, shaft*, shuck, stick*, sucker into, swindle, take in*, take to the cleaner’s, take*, trick, and victimize people.

It would not surprise me if Google starts their own solar company and place themselves at the top of the fist page on everything from solar panels to cell phones. 

Google is a monster.

Our offer, $.18/w, was not accepted.

The reason we bid so low for the 12MW was because they are  located in PR.

Sorry folks no $.29/w mods. will be avail. But maybe again in 60 days, I believe. Stay tuned to blog.

I think they’ll be avail. but at a slightly higher price after the company who got them can’t sell them. Their option will run out.


Promote solar.

A long time ago I decided I wanted to promote solar energy. I had no money or car and I lived with my mother. I was 20. But I had an incredible amount of energy inside me that was just dying to find a worthwhile goal.

I decided I could use this energy and made a commitment to using it to promoting solar energy. It was 1973. Everyone I knew thought it was a poor choice of goals. I started the Tucson Free Energy Center in Oct. of 1973.  For 3 years I studied everything I could find on solar and renewable energy. At that time no one knew what PV stood for.  No one made PV modules for homes, not even solar water heating panels. Ironically solar water heat was a thing from the past. That small industry had died 20 years ago in the 50’s. Now 43 years later, thanks to incentives, solar electric power is a major industry. 

After working for other PV manufacturers for 8 years, I started my own PV company, Sun Electric, Inc. I can still remember my excitement buying my first pallet of modules. 

It was more about protecting the environment than making money that started me thinking about solar and clean energy. You see I grew up in Tucson, which is in the Sonoran Desert. I lived in a unique neighborhood called Colonia Solana (Neighborhood of the Sun.) Today it’s a designated for . Anyway it was full of wwe buy and sell containers at a time and resell them at the lowest prices ever seen. Not a bad way to promote solar right?

Actually there are some who disagree. They believe all companies should sell solar equipment at a factory fixed price. They threaten and punish those companies who don’t follow their rules, even if those companies are doing well due to simply working  smarter, harder, and being more inventive in their business model.

The world desperately needs solutions. Promote solar. It certainly won’t solve all of them, but it does solve some big ones for a lot of people. 

I wrote a letter to the editor one time that suggested, “while we still have the ability, lets jump to the Sun.” I still think it’s possible, maybe not in my lifetime, but possible.