A hurricane safe house with 3 – 300 watt modules.

We have all these appliances in stock:

10.5 cu.ft. refrigerator/freezer

Two 6.5 cu.ft. box freezers

1 600 watt microwave


Two typical table fans (24hrs/day)

4 sets of LED strip lights 2.5 ft. long 5hrs. A night each.

Total load: 3,176 whrs.

3 PV modules 300 watts each x 5 sun hrs./day: 3,375 whrs. $120 ea.

6 Sun 6V, 225 Ahr. batteries. $95 ea.

1 Kisae 2,000 watt inverter w/ 55A charger $550 ea.

Everything’s in stock in Miami. Including big selection of super energy efficient appliances, charge controllers, cable, wire, fuses, etc. We can pack and ship your order, or you can pick it up.

Note if you live in a dry climate, you can buy an evaporative cooler which uses fraction of the energy of compressor driven AC’s.

We have a wide selection of LED lighting Charge controller, cable, wire, fuses and EE APPLIANCES.

Unfortunately compressor driven air conditioning is still inefficient, however we have small 5,000 BTU available.


I’d appreciate your feedback text me with comments or if I can ever help you make solar happen for you.



Wow finally I can blog again

Someone blocked me from blogging for 4 months! or I screwed up my own blog ability or it was Some spirit trying tell me they couldn’t take grammar anymore, sweating or my IT department just didn’t think I should and cut me off, I don’t know what happened, probably all the above. to blog or not to blog, that is the question?

. Like I saidI haven’t been able to blog for about 4 months.

A lot has happened. So much I’ll tell you later. Like everyone else there’s something going on, I’m just barely able to hang in there, but I don’t give up. Nothing is more important to me than switching the world to clean energy, except the wonderful part of my family friends, you cave all the others, take my brothers, please.



You won’t find all of my 2,000 blogs because I erase a lot of them.

I can write some weird stuff for the wrong reasons, so I just erase them. Sometimes you should just shut up. 

For example when you come home at 4 in the morning after partying all night in Miami. It’s a crazy place when the it gets dark. I did that once and all the women in the office demanded I take it down the very next morning. It involved a famous topless  dancer,  a lesbian midget, fireworks and whip cream. Another time I wrote a story about how sorry I felt for myself. Another time I went after my 3 older brothers and their family. 

Yeah sometimes you should just shut up.

“Your worst enemy is yourself” said a budist’s flyer.

Oh yeah and don’t ever brag about the really stupid stuff you did in college and high school.
Finally I like to say something witty and cleverer than that but I can’t think of anything. But at least I feel good.


I’ve written 2,000 blogs.

They cover not just solar energy but also anything I could think to be enlightening, entertaining, funny, even just random thoughts.


Well I didn’t want to bore people with nothing but one subject. Besides no one likes to read any more. Of course I have to make a living so Solar is my game, so to speak, so it’s fun to write about that. But life itself is what interests me the most.

One of my favorite speakers is this guy who talks about how to just feel contentment and peaceful. After all what’s the point of anything if you aren’t happy. To find him just google Prem Rawat.

One of my favorite books is about how to do the same, just google: “Dont worry about the small stuf and it’s all small stuff.” My best friend in life recommended it to me 20 years ago. According to her you can live your life by this book. I once bought 40 copies of it and gave them to everyone in my office. I swear not a single person read it. I guess we all like to find our own way thru life. 

Finally, I’m lucky enough to have a condo with a beautiful view of another thing that helps me. You can’t really google it because it changes all the time. It’s a view of the ocean welll actually, Biscayne Bay, and downtown Miami. You can watch people having fun all day long but what I love about it , besides the city at night, is the water. 

I usually leave my apt. around 6 am and go to body surf or snorkel then I come home and jump in our pools. Water just makes me feel very happy. I forget all about everything else and just feel peaceful and happy every time I get in it, even the bathtub. 

So thats what I like to write about, what I like the most. 

The other day I felt horrible, I can get depressed like everyone else. A friend of mine suggested I write down all the things I’m thankful for. You know what it cured that sadness up very fast. I couldn’t stop thing and writing down all the stuff it came so fast to my mind. I’d advise everyone to do any of the above if they ever feel bad and can’t seem to just let those things go.
Anyway I just wanted to share these ways to feel better, you know just happy again. Just know I read the five regrets of the dying. I’ll leave you with that. Just google it. It’s very interesting.
I’d be interested in hearing ans sharing your own thoughts as well,  if you feel like it.


The avg. price for a container of top tier modules right now is approx. $.50/W of what little is left, then who knows where the price will be, but the sky’s the limit I guess. Here’s why:

SolarWorld modules are going for $.70 if you buy a pallet, but of course the US Government just gave them a total monopoly on PV Modules since they are the last big factory left in America. And get this, it’s not even an American owned factory, it’s foreign owned!

Why are people who work for the governments and utilities always trying to manipulate the solar industry around. Because they the government guys? Bureaucrats, Departments, Agencies, Politicians, Lobbyists and even the President all want to feel powerful and in control of solar power and because they think they know what’s best for everyone else but them. And as for the the utilities, they can make more money by controlling every aspect of solar energy’s development, They can make even more money since solar is now the cheapest fuel of all at solar farm costs being only $.025/kWhr. even coal is more expensive which was the cheapest at $.07 per kWhr.

The days of $.34/W Chinese modules are gone, well at least for awhile, it will loosen up again but it may take too long for a lot of us little solar business guys and installers to survive. Like maybe 5 years.
Too bad for places like Puerto Rico and the other Caribbbean islands where people feel it won’t have power for many years. For some reason they dont trust the government’s predictions for getting the power system working again by May in Puerto Rico. I wonder why?

We had tens of thousands of Yingli, Upsolar and Ningbo 230 watt Modules we won in a 12MW auction just sitting in the Bahamas’s ready to help give hundreds of  thousands of people at the World’s Lowest Prices per watt = $,24/W but couldn’t because the America’s President just signed a bill that does not allow any foreign made modules to enter into the country anymore or its territories. And if it comes from China, the old tariff and the new duty total will be 280%. We can only buy from US factories,  but Guess What folks? Their all out of business!

I feel like buying a ship and smuggling electric power to millions of Puerto Ricans who are electrically staved, living in dilapidated houses, without running water, fresh food or sewage facilities !

Having the utilities owning  the bulk of the solar farms guarantees them so much control over its cost to the consumers, that be you and me, the utilities will choose which companies get selected to build them, and how, when, where and what type of technologies will be used.

There’s clearly a conflict of interest! 

Anyway we managed to snag what may be the last super deal from another PV factory auction company last week, 5,000 Beam Reach modules with built in mounting racks that are something very new and creative in the PV industry. There light weight , high efficiency, and even though they are meant to be placed on big box stores with rubber matted roofs, we bought them because the price was so incredibly low. Well we: Louis, Pierre, Lek, Roberto, Viviana, Fritz and Mr. Naranjo, we Figured since most of you are the last innovative , hard working, clever, skilled, energy engineering type guys left on Earth you could figure out a dozen options as to how they could be used, so we bought them for you and the companies with EPDM rubber mats. Their lighter weight enables 70% more of these commercial buildings to go solar.

Check out an excellent video presentation about how fast they can be installed with their built in frames by just googling 



Or just call any of those guys I named above at 

‭(786) 565-9359‬

And call me if you need any help, I’m pretty good at solving all sorts of problems. Oh and you can call me 365 days a year, day or night.
John Kimball cell 305-322-1086


We have all the solar modules, inverters, batteries, racks, etc. that everybody else has,  but at The World’s Lowest Solar Prices! If not just call me.

You’ll be real surprised when you visit our Warehouse Showroom and Offices in Miami. There ain’t nottin like it in the whole wide world!‭(786) 565-9359‬ it’s just like a Home Depot. It was a dream come true for me.

It’s my 45 th year in Solar and I’ll be around for a long long time because John Jr. will take over when I turn back into sundust.

If you read my blogs you probly think they’re a little crazy for sure. But who wants to just read an ad or a press release or listen to people arguing over MPPT’s, correct diode replacement or who makes the best mounting racks. Besides it’s fun for me. Here’s another joke:

November of 2017 I weighed 255 and today I weigh 219. Johns guide to losing weight:

It’s a combination of fasting for a few weeks (just liquids) then stop eating anything made with sugar, flour, or milk and stop eating any more than you have to and start exercising doing anything you enjoy.

Consult with your doctor first if you have diabetes or any other health issues. My goal is 175. My friend Dr. Selby told me for my height that’s what I should weigh. He’s the smartest Dr. I know. 

Of and get plenty of sunshine, swim a lot if you can and lift weights once a week.

Strange thing to write about in a solar blog except I have a beach 5 miles away and I body surf and snorkel like some kind of Tuna. If I could I’d move not to the ocean but in it ! I love nature and I love the waves.


Here I am at the beach:

I’m up at 5 or 6 every day, back to work by 9, I do all my work by Iphone.  I work 365 days a year, 24 hours a day answering as many phone calls to Sunelec as I can and doing my best to protect nature with solar energy and helping people get a price on components and systems that will make them a solar system that makes solid good economic sense. Unlike all this other bull that’s now the norm. Oh and I find good deals with the help of Louis and o solve problems. I’m real good at solving customer problems. Always call me if you have one 305-322-1086. Oh and I write this blog trying to talk sense to people about solar and thanks to my parents who were both very funny people, I try to make it funny to keep people from going to sleep and be happier!

Louis: As far as The New Branch Reach Modules i found hundreds of great leads when I googled “roofers using EPDM” AND…that it’s also an excellent choice for a roof on RV’s. The RV market is perfect for PV modules, inverters, inverter chargers , batteries, charge controllers, 12V anything , efficient AC’s, even solar ovens.How can we reach all the roofers installing EPDM rubber roofs and RV owners?

Do you have any suggestions readers?

Too bad we don’t have anyone assigned to advertising these 5,000 modules, other than our regular mailing list.



The Beam Reach Modules we are selling, are extra high efficiency and come with built in racking!

We have this amazing video showing how fast they can be installed, about 5 times as fast as normal modules. Plus they are much lighter so handling is easier and shipping is lower cost.

Think of it, no mounting rack necessary.

One customer may be about to buy 3 Containers but he will mount on standard racking with a special metal attachment [ to standard rails because he lives in a hurricane prone area. They are rated for 110 mile per hour winds. They work perfectly with rooftops covered in EPDM. They are brand new and have UL.

To see the video just search for “Beam Reach solar modules” on YouTube. If you have a rubber roof EPDM they will stick to it up to 110 miles per hour. If you don’t have rubber mat roofing you can bolt it to the roof . That should increase wind tolerance significantly.

We got them for pennies on the dollar, if you want to try one to test or want to  buy a container call me. I’ll help you. We have 5,000 of them I can give you a price you won’t believe.



For the last three weeks we had a sale on solar panels then the next week on inverters and this week it’s for batteries.

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Go to top of web site and just put your email in again.

Next week I’m thinking of having a sale on solar appliances.
Thank you for all your help.
If anyone wants to come to Miami and give basic instructions to the poor people from Puerto TiVo let me know.
We are also looking for people to help us advertise.
Thanks again for all your help