Notice On Thin FIlm Modules That Arrived in Long Beach last week:


The Tian Wei Thin Film Modules have been held by U.S. Customs at the Port of Long Beach. Apparently even though they are thin film PV modules and not crystalline, it seems Customs is concerned that they are part of the PV Modules that are being penalized by the 250% Chinese anti-dumping duty. Of course the entire PV industry and even the majority of the general public people know the difference between thin film and crystalline PV modules. For some reason it seems, no one has informed U.S. Customs.

And get this, we looked it up and WE have to pay exhorbitant storage charges each day until they get around to inspecting them.

Just fricking great.


Free Diamonds with solar panels? Whats that all about?

Well the owner of the factory has been in the Diamond business in India for 50 years so he asked me if I thought it would be a good idea to give away Diamonds to help sell his Sonali panels. I asked my self, is there any reason why not? which is the way I approach things. I mean if your solar company is owned by an oil company you can’t give away  a barrel of oil but Diamonds might be cool. Besides, I like gem stones.

I used to work at Kyocera and their ceramic technology was so advanced they could grow Rubies, Safire’s, Alexandrite’s, Emeralds in their labs, 100% identical! Plus being from Arizona, you have to like rocks.

We did get a little flack for it though because the Diamonds shown were set in women’s jewelry and as we all know 90% of the people who buy solar panels are guys of course I’m not saying the girls out there don’t think solar is cool as well. Even though I live in Miami, no guys I know are into diamond earrings and pendants. However, if we had taken more time we could have had some NFL, NBA, PGA, USA, NASA, SEIA, ETL and UL Diamond rings made. I guess we were afraid that if we didn’t do it immediately, Kyocera might do it first. Even worse, Solar World might of had time to have their buddies at the DOC to enact an Indian Anti-Diamond dumping tariff.

Anyway, if you don’t want the jewelry, you can still have the Diamonds.