We just got in the Beam Reach Modules 

Super high efficiency, 

Built in racking,

Light weight,

Easy and unbelievably fast to install on Rubber mat roofs and take down if hurricane is coming. Call Louis. We just got Them in. Price is unbelievable. Won bid at auction, UL too! 

JBest art show I’ve ever been to, because it was across the street, right in front of my Home only 400 feet away, it wasn’t crowded, someone gave me 2 VIP PASSES, good first day VIP’s only (all the champagne you could drink) for 4 days, and the art and the girls were really beautiful!. Here are some of the hundreds of pictures I took.

Oil paint

Architect artist

Best dress



Oil and I’m a sucker for colors

Copy of Matice made with thousands o micro photos of dressed up dicks. I swear.

Oil portrait of Prince. Reminded me of the movie Zoolander, the look “Blue Steel”

Oil, California contractors will like this.

Miami Wynwood At Show

Best art show I’ve ever been to, because was right in front of my Home/Office, only 400 feet away, it wasn’t crowded, someone gave me a VIP PASS good for 4 days, and the art and the girls were really beautiful!. Here are some of the hundreds of pictures I took.



First person to call and talk to me John Kimball by 5pm today Sunday 2/18/2018 wins.

Has to be 12 volts And in stock. Pick anyone you want! You pay shipping. Must pay Monday.

Be happy. Go solar. Please tell your friends send us 3 min. videos we can post on you tube please. Say something nice about us, if you feel like it.


I feel like giving something away for contest 🤔 hmmm let’s see?

Ok first person to call me and talk to me can have any 12 volt panel for FREE. Must pay Monday. Must call by 5 PM TODAY Sunday. You only pay shipping costs.

123 go.

Sunelec has given away over 30,000 modules for fee ! Believe it or not. 
Sunelec’s prices, warehouse, showroom, team, free itemized design estimates and owner are unbelievable . We’re also a real company employing up to 50 people and interns from all over the world. 

We ❤️ 



OK the modules we’ve been waiting for have finally arrived and are moving fast.

Call early Monday morning !

Or you may have difficulty getting thru. We get 150 calls a day. The modules are Sonali, Solar,Suniva, Silfab, Astronergy, Sun Spark, many more just arrived all custom cleared with no duties or taxes. Grade A, B, and C all with  25 yr warranty, UL all with full power, brand new and with 40 year lifetime. 

We are not just some guy and a telephone with no warehouse, no team, no technical support, and no shipping, I personally have 45 years in solar and we have 35 years as Sun Electronics – sunelec.com

30 employees, 8 solar design engineers, our Miami warehouse is the largest distributor warehouse in the World . We sell direct to the public. Our prices are the lowest PV prices in the World. Always have been. We carry more PV products than any other distributor in the World:

From Complete packages to singles , pallets, containers or multi-megawatts to solar ovens, solar water heaters, and PV air conditioners our showroom is the largest in the world.

All brands of inverters and inverter chargers, from 500 to 50,000 watts.

Honda generators, Kubota diesel generators and every PV component everybody else has. 

Only Sunelec sells direct to the Public at below wholesale prices.

Sunelec.com: please compare our module and inverter prices for yourself, nobody has lower prices! Over 150 different PV modules in stock in our our OWN warehouses, not someone else’s!

Don’t settle for less!

And you can call me anytime if you have a question or problem. I take calls 365 days a year, always have for 45 years, since1973


President and owner of sunelec.com

Cell 305-322-1086

Thank you.