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Have you ever imagined how much solar energy is in the Universe?

The Biggest Stars in the Universe

Have you ever taken the time to imagine just how amazing a star, like our own sun, really is? How much energy is produced from the sun day after day? With free energy that comes from a relentless ball of light, one comes to wonder why we struggle day in and day out to pay so much money every month for something we can get for free with the right utilities. With Solar Panels from Sun Electronics, you have more than you will ever need to sustain yourself for years to come. Check out this fascinating video that reveals how small we really are in comparison to how unbelievably huge the stars can be.

Skin Diving and Miami Beach

The best thing about Miami and Miami Beach of course is the natural part. We actually have quite a bit of undersea life and nature right here in the middle of all these buildings and cruise ships. Maybe people don’t realize it or just aren’t into it. I think some people are scarred. Like Louis and Adam in the office are terrified of the Ocean. Adam won’t even go in the water or to the Beach. At least Louis went once but he saw a harmless non stinging jelly fish and set the Florida State record for the 1,500 yard freestyle back to the beach. Even I couldn’t catch up to him and I held the Arizona State record for the 1,500.

I also have a problem with my lack of exercising and weight (tire). So today I am headed to my favorite place and way to exercise that I enjoy, skin diving on the jetty. I hope to make it a habit again and enjoy the early morning sky, and coolness. By the time I get back in about 2 hours I will have seen a hundred thousand fish and who knows what else but here’s a list of a few of the cool things I may see, giant tarpon, squids, beautiful tropical fish of all types, fearless barracuda large and small, pipe fish, sting rays, manta rays, lobster, frog fish, electric rays (I think the only ones in the world), abundance and variety of sea shells, eels, shook, crabs of various types, small sharks, jelly fish and a beautiful sunrise. The wind and rain have been non existent and the wind is in my favor so I might have 40 ft. of visibility.

I will leave this page open so I can come back and report what my trip was like in a couple of hours. See you then. Ok I was there for 2 hrs., I had breakfast when I got back and now my report. As usual I saw at least 10,000 fish, I think. There are mostly juveniles hiding along the rocks but there are about a 100 varieties of fish and the adults and the young ones make up probably 100 species. Here’s what I saw:

Large schools of 3 to 8 lb. Parrot fish Rainbow, Blue and Red/Brown, the Rainbows are incredibly beautiful, 10 lb. Zebra Fish-I think, Purple and Yellow Damsel Fish, 1 Electric Stingray score!, one 25  to 30 lb. 1-Manta Ray-almost missed it- SCORE!, one Eel not a moray but kind’s very light grey with black spots like pepper all over it SCORE!, A Queen Angel fish-SCORE!, several fearless juvenile 2 lb. Barracuda got right into my face but no adults, several crabs, lots of coral and sponges as well as blue sea fans-all in very good shape-I was surprised, a Great Blue Heron on the rocks next to where I was diving, 1 pipe fish, a 20 lb. Grouper, 7 Cuttle Fish-Score! they are one of the coolest things out there because they are also fearless and as weird looking as can be since they are transparent and electric colors showing their mood swings pulsate thru there clear bodies. They can maneuver like helicopters and they like to stay in formation-my 7 just stayed in a row the mother and the father on the end and the 5 juveniles about 3 feet away all in a row-all of us just looking each other from above and underwater for `15 minutes-its like meeting from outer space and they end up being really friendly and peaceful.

And, finally after I had swum in and was carrying my mask, snorkel and fins in to shore I looked down into about 6 inches of water and saw what looked like a string bean but white about 6 inches, no visible fins but it was a fish! SCORE. I’ve never seen it before, anyway it swam about 3 ft. away from me because I almost stepped on it, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it because it swam right out of the sand. Anyway it then resettled itself by diving right under the sand again, with 1 quick wiggling motion it was gone. I kept my eye on it and we played tag like that for a 2 min.. I’ve seen them in movies before-a different species, but not live, I’ll have to look it up, I’ve only seen this one in my whole life, SCORE! I’m a fish watcher I guess.

It was beautiful out there. The swim to the end of the Jetty is about 3/4ths of a mile. It’s 40 to 50 ft. deep at the end of the rocks (jetty) and there are lots of larger fish out there. The best visibility today was about 40 ft. that’s because it was low tide when I went out and the Bay had just emptied out into the Ocean via the other side of the jetty called Government Cut. That’s where all the big ships go in and out, its 60 ft. The end of the jetty is dangerous you have to know how far you can go near the end and what the tide and current is doing otherwise you can get swept away if you go too far. Currents kill more people than anything else in the Ocean. Anyway when the tide goes out it takes a lot of silt and stuff out of Biscayne Bay otherwise the visibility might have been even better

By the way I saw some very exquisite tropical fish out there incredibly colorful, not big, nor more than two inches but marvelous in design and color. It’s alive the color and the design, unlike feathers and fur if you kill a fish you just killed the color and the design, you end up with green, grey and brown. There’s nothing like living color, I think.

Now you see why I started John Kimball’s Sea Camp.

I’m going to try to post some of the pictures of the best stuff I saw this morning. It’s a great way to start your day. I have another spot I go shelling. The shells come here to Miami Beach from the Bahamas and from when they pick up sand in one place and refurbish the depleted parts of Miami Beach because of storms.


Nature is cool.

Life beyond the Sun, Alaska!

Outback just invited me to go on a fishing trip to Alaska. I said no thanks then I decided that was a mistake so I flew al the way to Alaska to fish for Salmon and Halibut for a day and a half. I hate flying but I like fishing . So I flew to Seattle and Outback picked me up and took me on a tour of their plant and than to another one north of Seattle in Bellingham. Nice  plants. Then I boarded their private Alpha jet and went to a remote fishing town immediately got on a small boat with 3 other guys caught a bunch of Salmon in 4 hours, came back to the lodge, and ate and drank a variety of and a lot of fine wine. The owner of Alpha and Outback’s friend brought it from his vineyard. Ditto for the next day except we went way out to the Ocean stopped by a rock with about a dozen American Bald Eagles sitting on it about 30 ft. from us,  and a whale behind the rock .  That day we also caught our limit of Halibut and Salmon. They even flew Sun’s fish back to Miami. It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow.

You get woken up every morning at 4:00 am by the screams of Bald Eagles flying outside your window in the morning. The morning starts at 4:00 am if you compare it to the light in Miami at 7 am. So you wake up 4 anyway.

Oh yeah the extensive giant snow capped peaks and all the glaciers everywhere were an extremely  impressive sight flying along. The owner of Outback and our Captain alerted us to watch out the window and seconds later a big Alaskan Airline jet flew by in the opposite direction about 4,000 ft below us. It was if it was going 1,000 miles an hour.

The people on the trip we really great. I learned a lot about, fishing, salmon, inverters, batteries, new technological endeavors, wine, marketing, training opportunities from the people on the trip and at the Outback and Alpha facilities. I will remember this trip forever.

I had a day and a half after words to hang out in Seattle so since I had a small kitchen in my hotel room I went to the Seaford Market and bought a fresh Dungeness Crab and a bunch of giant shrimp. I really enjoyed that too. I had plenty of time to buy lots of cool stuff for my son Johnny (9) which I gift wrapped and hid around the room for him to hunt for with his little Italian girlfriend (8) from down the hall. They had so much fun. It was great to get home.