There are more great $/W PV module deals than ever. But, it won’t last, not. 

Yeah the tax credit for solar electric development has been amputated from Federal Congressional legislation. An effort extend renewable energy credits past December 31st, 2016 worked but not for PV.

But the current increase in inventory will continue for a few reasons:

The world’s largest supplier,  will not be affected, off grid applications will continue, telecomm, water pumping, residential, RV, sailboats, etc.

USA provides loans for starting your own solar companies.

The Federal Government’s Dept. of Energy is funding qualified independent third party, non-profit organizations up to $14,000 to hold 6 seminars per year to teach local people how to purchase PV System for their home or small business.

The program called “Taping The Sun”, teaches citizens interested in going solar about system types, how to size them, calculate savings, and explain available incentives.

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More later, in the meantime, go solar electric now, do it, do it now! Especially if your paying over $.25/kWHR. (Check your bill).

Or, of course, you’re just concerned about our Environment and Nature.

Actually, I sort of made this up to make a point: is there any reason why not?

John Kimball


Dr. Byard Wood, Head of the ASU Mechanical Engineering Dept., Dr. Mary Anderson, an ASU Professor of Statistics, Gradon Peoples from Lennox and I wrote Tapping The Sun in 1979. I gave 40 seminars to 6,000 citizens in Arizona for Gov. Bruce Babbit’s Arizona Solar Energy Commission.

Basically, it taught people how to buy a Solar Domestic Water Heater without getting ripped off. At the time you could get a 40% tax credit from the Fed. Gov. and 35% from the state for 75% off! The industry needed regulation as well as promotion. 

A “Tapping the Sun” like project does both very successfully. I think it’s the perfect time to do one for PV. 

There are way too many door to door salesmen sitting in living rooms trying to convince families to have $35,000 systems installed on their roofs who have zero interest in explaining the benefits of  system types, knowing how to size a system or purchasing options. They’ve got tunnel vision on doing it their way, getting their commission and moving on. 

They talk about the utility bill that can’t go up or down, then give the big finale with the Go-Green pep talk and finally, promise your kids a free X-Box and a lifetime supply of Skittles. The last one alone will eat you alive and drive you insane.

Look there are lots of good sales and leasing companies and contractors out there that are professional, fair, honest, generous, trustful and kind, not.
The Tapping The Sun program really works for everyone. In Mesa 500 people showed up, to talk about their water heaters for 4 hours. Half of them didn’t even know where their water heater was or if it was electric or gas.