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When I was about 21 I had this idea solar energy could create a more peaceful world. How little did I know. I’m so sad to see that that it’s just more profits for the already super rich utility companies. At the least I envisioned utility rates becoming a fraction of what they were and a heck of a lot more homes that could run themselves with their own PV systems completely separate from them. I never occurred to me how it seems to be mainly solar farms run by giant corporations and no prices ever coming down.

Not Happy


Actually I’ve realized it now and I am doing much more research and development on peace that resides inside of me.

If we could each learn to appreciate how incredible the odds are of being alive (becoming a living human being), simply being in existence, right here, right now, for this incredibly short amount of time when you consider just the life of this 4.5 billion year old planet.

But since the idea of running a house on free solar energy makes me feel safer in these sensitive and high tech times turns me on, it helps me to feel better about myself and my work, it fits into the saying, “you should make everyday count as much as possible, because it might be your last.”

I believe in G-d, and that he has a purpose for us and he’s in control. So what the heck, I spend time every day not thinking but just trying to feel and appreciate how wonderful is to be ALIVE.

What a great FREE gift. You only get life by breathing, so yes I confess that now I meditate on nothing more than my breath . almost every day, I thank the lord for giving me the chance to be alive by turning off all the junk playing in my mental theatre and enter into another one, where they don’t exist by focusing on each breath. It’s very hard to do. In fact my record is about 25 minutes. But even 4 minutes seems to help.

So don’t get depressed like I did when I realized the old era of solar has ended and this new one began. It’s not nearly even close to being as important as to know yourself, I believe. Making every breath count is almost impossible, but days are.

It can feel amazing if you stop thinking about all this other stuff even if it’s only for a few minutes a day.

80 or so years is such a small fraction of time, compared to 4.5 billion, go ahead calculate it:

It’s a fraction of a snap of your fingers!

World Peace is not the absence of war. It’s knowing who you really are, finding real peace is inside you. It’s why Socrates said, “Know thyself.” Then and only then will we have peace.

John and Prem Rawat

Comedy of errors : A man checked into a hotel. There was a computer in his room, so he decided to send a mail to his wife. he accidentally typed the wrong email address, and without realizing he sent the mail to a widow who has just returned from her husband’s funeral. The widow decided to check her mail, expecting condolence messages from relatives and friends. After reading the first message she fainted. The son rushed into the room, found his mother on the floor and saw the computer screen which read: ‘to my loving wife, i know you are surprised to hear from me, they have computers here and we are allowed to send mails to loved ones. I ‘ve just been checked in. How are you and the kids? The place is really nice but am lonely here. I have made necessary arrangement for your arrival tomorrow. Expecting you darling. I can’t wait to see you. Don’t laugh alone pass it on…..😂😆😂😆😂

About John’s Solar blog.

No im not 9 years old, yes, I can spell and know basic punctuation and grammar. The problem is I normally spend hours to write a blog, usually very late at night from 11pm to 3:30am. Im too tired and too busy to proof read them all, there is also the problem that in my old age I can’t see very well, never was very witty, and hate to go back and correct them because I inevitably end up rewriting them. Oh yeah, it takes me forever because many mistakes are because of my fat fingers and i only work with cell phones. Oh and I’ve tried to be a little funny, lie sometimes for fun and I’ve written about 1,100 of them . A few of them i wrote after going out to Miami’s topless clubs but my female staff makes me take them off within 8 hours oh and i like to swear. It’s because my vocabulary is so limited.

And I don’t hate the people at the electric utility companies or solar contractors, without them i wouldn’t have anything to complain about. I do think however that solar energy is the answer to millions of our stupid problems. War, poverty, unhealthy living conditions, agriculture. Being able to see where your going during the day, or reading in dark corners, and I think everyone like bright sunny days unless you live in Phoenix , Yuma , or the middle of any desert without cooling.

I don’t like Solar covered school playgrounds and I do think many solar jobs are as ugly as sin. And I do think most people who buy grid-connected systems must be idiots if they only rely on some guy sitting on the couch in their living room whose been trained for months to swindle you. And I don’t think solar would last a day without the federal tax credit and I don’t believe it when they tell you a flat price and not how much your paying PER WATT for the solar panels, the cost of your inverter so you can compare the two most important and simple prices just by googling solar panel prices. You can also go to solar blogs (unless they are on a sales companies site). If you don’t know the price per watt of your panels and get an itemized estimate for parts and labor , like you do for your car repair YOUR GETTING SCREWED.

And we were warned as far back as 1977 that we shouldn’t let the utility companies get control of solar. If they do, were also screwed.

Finally I’d like to say most solar salesmen and PV sales companies even distributors, are ripping you off.

For god’s sake, forgive me God, all solar panels are the same no matter how efficient they are or where they were made. It’s all about the price per watt again I repeat, it’s all about the price per watt. You’ll pay much more for the most efficient module in the world but they are all practically made the same and will last 30,40,50 years or more. You can’t make them stop working unless you punch a hole through them the size of a grapefruit.

Solar energy has been my life since I was

21 I may be wrong but these are my opinions.

Control your negative thoughts.

Read it’s all small stuff. Great book.

I love the ocean

One more swim till I go home to Tucson .

God help us stop polluting ourselves and our planet. Protect all life from people to ants and plants.

Good night



The Perfect Customer and Energy Efficient Appliances

The perfect customer…

Lives in the middle of nowhere, yeah that’s right, in the middle of nature with solar. Over the last few decades, I’ve met, visited and even heard stories and seen pictures of thousands of these people. One word describes them… Amazing!

My favorite picture was from a customer in Guyana S.A. of two anacondas. I love nature there is so much beauty in the smallest of things and the biggest of things.

Moreover, he owned the largest telecom company in the country. He went to a lake in the inner reaches of Guyana where he had laid out the huge fish he caught which reminded me of Nile Perch in Africa. I recommend looking this up. Then he sent a picture I still can’t find but hung on the wall of our downtown 511 15th St. Miami office for years of two huge jungle trees that had fallen into the lake side by side.

On each tree, you guessed it was two ANACONDAS! I’ll try not to exaggerate but they were about 30 feet long. He was sitting right next to them. The head of each Anaconda was larger than his own human head. That’s how you could tell how big these two incredible snakes were. They were sunbathing on these huge logs. Perhaps, the anacondas were friends, lovers, siblings or just two anacondas who were full of good poor fresh animals.

Then I had a picture from another very remote customer on a small Caribbean Island maybe Nevis or St. Nevis. He, his wife and son rebuilt an old – Very old broken stone house and turned it into a small gift shop practically on the edge of the water on big rocks for tourists who docked in this bay or anchorage. The gift shop was running on independent solar of course.

One of the pictures was of his son standing in a small boat with a few tourists and he was able to do something quite remarkable out in the water he could call to a pod of animals who were nowhere in sight. Suddenly, they answered his calls from deep under the water and four huge Sperm Whales appeared surrounding the small boat! He would take people out for a fee and do this I guess on a regular basis. This is the type of whale in the book “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville.

Awesome photo and story and TRUE! Just like the Anacondas. I had many customers from the Caribbean over the last 35 years come to our solar powered store and showroom in the middle of downtown Miami only a block from the ocean. I live next door I can fish from my condo balcony on the 14th floor!

We started Sun Elec. in that condo. The UPS Driver Onofre would pull up and his entire UPS truck would have nothing but Trace inverter chargers for 14A and 14B on the 14th floor. We had to sneak them up one elevator one load at a time, this lasted for two years. No one knew it in the Western USA where solar free money was free for the taking of a gold rush. We in Miami had zero competition. We were responsible for selling over 250 thousand of them plus a ton of batteries 100 Containers mostly to Haiti, DR, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, all the Caribbean Basin, Philippines, South Africa, Cambodia, Croatia, Norway and to almost every country in the world so we got a lot of photos and little stories about the photos (that’s equally important).

Thanks to Coset this beautiful and beautifully built girl from Cuba who called hundreds of our customers all over the USA and south of Miami asking for your help and you gladly responded. Her accent and lilting voice swayed you in haha she made a great collection of 500 testimonials and could barely speak English. Charlie and I taught her, her first phrase thinking it would come in handy “Shut up and get out of here.” She’d walk around the office practicing the phrase and winking all day. She served me coffee every morning with a shot of Bailey’s. We all loved her,  NOT literally!

I’m sorry but I could go on for hours with stories about our customers. Some other time soon I know you’d love to hear about your compatriots in solar around the world.

This may sound stupid but you guys who can install your own systems, build your own homes, boats, engineers of all ages, with and without degrees, airplane pilots, architects, professors, electricians, contractors, home builders, small business owners, farmers, ranchers, other solar company owners, teachers, installers, professionals, sailors and so many other guys with so many skills willing to try something different, inventors, and even some very talented women who could:


You are sort of heroes to me and other guys like me across the world who do what I do not just because you could do it yourself, well yeah, just because of that! Especially because you often built them in wonderful places: beautiful islands, mountains, valleys, sailboats, RV’s. I apologize that I haven’t learned how to build a house yet, but I can do it and so can so many people around the world and right here in the good old USA, what a great country by the way! I just came from China and a lot of it reminded me of Cuba but bigger and sadder. However, the surrounding area of my five-star hotel was nice.

Right now, I’m in my bed with the Pacific Ocean 100 yards away in Del Mar, California. Body surfing every day with my son Johnny at my favorite spot and spending time with my wonderful niece Esmeralda. My sister in law Rosa and wife Graciela are in Mexico because my sister in law just got her green card and finally got to go home and see her family after 14 years of waiting!

So, It’s all good right now. Anyway, sometimes it feels so good to just be alive right? You just must wait till morning and you get to try again. If you have a beach it wipes all the bad feelings and thoughts away. If you have a beach and waves and occasional crystal-clear water for body surfing and/or snorkeling you definitely have a comité new outlook on life when you come out, it’s like a baptism. You can find heaven on earth in the sea or the mountains.

Beware of the snowball effect of your thinking, like I should talk! It gets tough sometimes right?  We’re ALL different all 7.6 Billion of us AND JUST 92 million miles away from the sun FLYING THROUGH SPACE at close to a million miles an hour it’s all a fucking miracle and I try to pray every day usually for good simple things like just being alive for this spec in time and it’s an interesting spec. Right? Although sometimes I stumble and pray for stuff I shouldn’t like getting even with a few of my shitty friends and family, a bigger solar business, to make a huge profit, to be better looking, younger, more hair, whiter teeth, muscular bigger legs, that I could surf standing up, that…well what the hell….more beautiful girls in my life, and so on and so on. You know what I mean, know what I mean, Sony P.?

Just being everlasting happy and peaceful would be great and going to heaven wouldn’t be bad.

A relative of Herman Melville came into our store and bought panels from us one time. I also met  David Katz of AEE in 1979 and he changed my life so did Adam Loucks one of the funniest guys I ever knew, my wonderful parents and 3 brothers, several beautiful girls but mostly for sure my wife skreeeeech! What the hell am I doing I need shut the f… up! But I have had a good life and l love my family, but I still wish I had a million incredibly beautiful slave girls from Mexico, Colombia, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam California, Puerto Rico, who went nuts for me and would give me whatever I wanted to eat and I could fly and I could live and breathe underwater in the South Pacific and my incredibly beautiful wife Graciela would say sure OK.

A huge tree house with a pool and a high dive for me and Johnny take a 600 ft. Yacht with everyone on earth and sail around the world a hundred times visiting exotic places with lots of islands full of girls who could come along for the ride. Oh, and a huge underground fort, clairvoyance, astral travel, precognition and then lose it all and return home to Miami, Del Mar, and Tucson to spend all eternity being and having what I have right now but never die.

Why do I humiliate myself like this? Because I write crap like this all the time and everyone in the office like Adam, Louis, Roberto, Pierre and Jorge Newberry keep telling me everyone likes my blogs, so here you have it.


PS Don’t let the Utility companies control solar. It’s an obvious and huge conflict of interest. Buy cheap as you can and do it yourself. We at Sun Elec will do everything we can to help you git er done!

The kids of the future need us to do it right and we can in our lifetime.

By the way, the people around Del Mar are so nice I can’t believe it!



Sun is working on just the opposite approach.

After seeing what happens when you get hit by 20 miles an hour winds like Puerto Rico did, FREAKING TWICE!!! We think we have a damn good solution to their problem. A micro super-efficient low cost system with the most efficient and low cost nearly normal size appliances in the world that will be independent off-grid and will give you an 11 cu ft refrigerator-freezer, an extra 7 cu ft box freezer, two fans, microwave, all the lights you could possibly need that run on two, yes, that’s two solar panels, and 4 batteries for less than $ 2,499 and we’ve got better cheaper everything coming in two weeks from China but the panels. For example, you can use it all, all year long but IF a hurricane comes to MOVE ALL THE STUFF ABOVE INTO a brick building to protect it, solar panels and the rest. It’s like a tank and you can sleep outside or make it the brick energy appliance PV powered room, I call it (APP ROOM) for those difficult moments.

You can get it only from us Sun Elec we have it exclusively copyrighted and trademarked it only draws a tenth of the energy. An energy hog safe kitchen + room does! It sleeps four too so don’t get any funny ideas like going to Home Depot.

Oh yeah, and we have another complete version in 12 volts arriving at the end of this month that use even less energy. There’s an optional solar thermosyphon solar water heater $299 and a solar oven with matching pots and pans that fit in it perfectly! It goes to 400 degrees F. At 12 noon you can cook a Turkey in it, I’m not lying. I’ve made steaks, bacon, tacos, quesadillas, fish, bread, about 20 different cakes, duck, fish, tater tots, brownies, etc. You can also purify water for drinking in it! I know the oven sounds stupid and your wife would laugh in your face but between 10 am an 4 pm it really works well kicks us. Basically, it’s a totally bitchen kitchen!

Jerry Seinfeld

Solar Quote of the Day

In a prominent solar magazine an editor recently wrote “For grid connect PV systems, the primary reason people buy them has always been environmental, not economical,” they want to do something to help protect Earth’s rapidly degrading environment. California is a good example. Many realize they’re simply not going to save much money without having someone else paying for a major part of their system. Without the “free money,” these grid-connected systems would not be affordable or intelligent purchases. There probably would only be a few small PV factories worldwide. Nor would there be a PV utility controlled and owned monopoly being developed right under our noses,

Without our tax dollars, only a tiny fraction of Solar farms, PV factories, and crooked sales and installation companies, (who currently dominate the industry) would be able to exist.

Scams and crooked people are everywhere nowadays. A significant portion is definitely taking advantage of the situation. It reminds me of Medicare fraud and the massive government wasteful spending that exists. The solar industry has never been more dishonest than it is today.

Grid-connected PV will never be cost-effective unless your paying at least $.40 per kWh, and the national average is only 12 cents per kWh. Google it! Without using other people’s money they can get for free the craziness will continue.

On the other hand, that the biggest reason people buy PV totally independent off-grid and hybrid systems is that it’s immediately cost effective and economical. Sure they care about the environment too. But they’re not wasting tax or ratepayers money or helping to set up utility companies that will eventually totally control the cost of free solar energy.

Off grid-independent power from PV is totally the opposite of the grid-connected systems. To use a generator costs $.50 per kWh.

The primary reason for installing a stand-alone PV system isn’t an environmental one. It’s the fact that they’re immediately cost-effective from the day they get turned on! And, without the need for using incentives, YOUR MONEY AND MY MONEY TOO!

Of course, my own opinion of what’s happening in the solar world is mixed into this blog. And yes I’m a fairly large distributor both types of systems. However I’m not the utility industry trying to get total control of the Sun and I’m not a seller, contractor or installer who doesn’t even give buyers, YOU, an estimate for fixing your house up with a PV system for $2,000 to $200,000 without giving you the individual prices for every single part of your system from the nuts and bolts to the solar modules.

And, we design your system for free, why? Because were as honest as the morning light. We don’t hide the price of your system components or give you only the information to get you to agree.

Would you let your garage car repair guy get away with that? Hell no

And then you can compare prices. Geeeezz the solar panels price each can be compared if you know the price and of course it’s the price per watt of the rated panel watts!!!!! That’s 60 to 80% of the cost .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can compare it to every other panel made in the world, in seconds on google! Just type in prices of solar panels per watt!!! Ditto on the inverters and batteries. That’s 80 to 90% of it.

American solar buyers must be taking good balls or something because if you won’t do that you’re a fool.

I was really surprised to see someone say this in a major PV magazine solar!

Good for them, they are being totally honest. It’s about time.


InterSolar was Fantastic

I learned several new things…

1.  There are hundreds of thousands of Chinese modules in the USA.
2. Companies are desperate to sell them. “We are desperate to sell these Top Tier One custom cleared Chinese made modules.”  “John just make us an offer!” They had 14 MW I THINK!
3. We can’t get them at our old unbelievable previous prices, but we can get them for less than just about anyone I know. They’re all grade A and custom cleared in the USA with UL and CEC approved.
4. It doesn’t make sense to me, but it’s true.
5. We’re talking about making an offer at $.25/watt. Anyone interested? Call me anytime to discuss.
6. Get this: The Chinese gov. failed to honor their promise to make their own incentive payments for as long as a year to hundreds of those giant farm projects we’ve all been seeing and hearing about. Those huge projects were all getting a huge incentive of $.12/watt! This was promised to large developers in a year. Apparently, the government is tired of losing so much money.
The government just already began (July 1st) reducing them by 33%! There will be hundreds of millions of modules available from Chinese Mfr.’s and developers as they cancel orders. PV project developers no longer want to move forward because they would lose money! The plan is to pull the plug. Half of the Chinese PV module will be history.
7. The new “buyers’ market ” will be another huge price swing in the PV marketplace beginning now.
Now is the time to get Trump to use his leverage and to allow Chinese module manufacturers and developers to flood the USA PV and the World market.

After all, we have no large factories left in the good old USA, just talk of new ones.

Five of us drove from Tucson to SF and back!

My son Johnny and I jumped ship in Del Mar, Ca. after all we’re not crazy! The waves are big and it’s the best little beach town in the world!