Me on earth and under the sun 92,000,000 miles away, yesterday .

Oh thatโ€™s the Jetty I love โค๏ธ I know everybody, animals not people, out under the water out there and most of their relatives . Been to the end of those rocks over a thousand times. And I stay out there for hours sometimes . I usually swim out around 8:00am or at dawn or any time after the weather has left the water calm till it’s like glass, usually alone. Once Bruce Bower went with me, and even Sam Vanderhoof and many many times my son has gone with me and my wife too. It’s paradise. I wish I could travel all the time, underwater, I would like to camp out and sleep there underwater some night. I’d strap on a mouth piece connected to one or a couple of those giant air oxygen tanks from the hospital and Wright myself down and put a clear plastic tent all zipped up, have my friends take turns and watch with big lights . Might as well film it, right? You wouldn’t have to worry about decompressing because it’s only about 30 feet at the tip of the Jetty. Of course it might be hard to sleep but I could do it if it would be safe.

Notice the waves, not a day for snorkeling the Jetty but taking the kids and even some adults out for their first ride on a boggy board is really fun. Me too. But free riding ( bodysurfing is best ) . Miami Beach ain’t no California wave place like Del Mar or Huntington Beach or the pipeline or Portugal [(unless there’s a big land slide on some island off the coast of Africa) (forgot the name, it could happen any time.) ] then it would be like this!:

A yacht for every person in your home.

“The best things in life are not things.”

(A beautiful plaque, in a friend to be’s home, with his 4 kids hand prints framing it.)

If you can, enlarge this, it’s the Miami Yacht Show who buys a brand new yacht? What a fast way to loose tons of money and it’s just another thing. Look inside not outside for happiness, I thought everyone knew that by now.

Does anyone remember “The Greeter” the old prospector with the long white hair and beard, who stood in the middle of the Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach Ca. , who used to yell at the people in the middle of the road, “ARE YOU ALIVE, ARE YOU ALIVE,” they erected a beautiful statue of him on that corner.

God thank you for making me !

It’s great to be here and so cool how you make it go by so slowly ! I’m having a great time say high to all my friends up there and please ask everybody to send candy (help to us to help everyone become pollution free and energy independent all around the planet ๐ŸŒŽ planet ๐ŸŒ planet ๐ŸŒ in your wonderful creation. Amen hallelujah !!


Prices for PV escalating due to shortages.

If you think prices for PV went thru the roof, wait till the end of this year . Utility companies are clearly trying to buy up everything they can even land near utility substations before even planning a solar farm !

See article in today’s WSJ front page. Even groceries are going up phenomenally. And your telling me 3%! I call it 15 to 25 %.

No one seems to care that the Utilities’ lobby of America in D.C. is keep a tight lid on their plans to join forces and push every one out of business but themselves. Why not ? They have enough money to do everything from manufacturing, buying the best land, engineering, installing, and even taking repetitive tax credits fraudulently, but legally, on every panel or farm they replace/”upgrade” . And their putting them up at a record pace that prices from wholesale solar companies are twice even three times what’s ours are! Why ? because of shortages and greed!

No one in government is watching, or the general public, so why not corner the market when you can build solar farm power plants at 2.5 cents a watt including battery storage.

Everyone is focused on the environment – climate change that is , and a lot of people don’t realize this is a power grab like no one has ever seen before on an energy supply that will last forever.

Snap out of it, slap! you guys, I may not be right but if you compare prices and whose buying PV modules in the greatest numbers, them by 92 million miles an hr.!

And if no ones saying anything in the news about then you can guess that in today’s world the first reports on the news will be fake news just like this article about price rises on Household “staples” ,…. not! Try FOOD! A 3% increase ? I call that BS. It’s 20 to 25% at my grocery store! And they switched every item in the store to a new location for diversion and phony two for one deals on sugar soaked cereal for your kids. And on farm raised fish and meat injected and fed antibiotics stronger and stronger everyday to keep up with diseases caused by disgusting


in our case it’s simply 100% greed !

Good luck to our millennials, old folks without retirement funds, your kids and their kids and all kids.

Stick your head out the window and feel that sunshine on your face while you still can and please, if you can’t because it’s below zero, California is the place to go as fast as you can because their solar power comes from the Pacific Ocean. As well as the taxes per person to pay for the solar farms whether you pay the same price or not.

STOP ๐Ÿ›‘! I’m getting carried away I apologize and will try not to do it again. There are two sides to every coin and you’ve got to bend in the wind, etc., etc.

But fake news is real news nowadays so don’t believe tv, bloggers, electronic news papers, ads that track you down every time you google any thing or even just where you walk around with your phone in your pocket .

What the hell do I know anyway. I’m just happy to be alive and breathing

At least that’s not fake.


Oh yeah the article about the fake inflation, greed, on just food. Of course why would the article on inflation be good news in the WSJ. You can’t even trust them any more.

3% wasaaht! how stupid do you think we are. Of course if you’ve not been to the grocery store because you have someone else to buy all your stuff. And you own five yachts, one for each of the family like these guys in my back yard, you might not know the difference.

By the way

Can you believe President Maduro in Venezuela putting up a blockade against emergency food and medicine supplies. THAT WILL BE US if we don’t wake up and go back to being normal humane people. Or you can just move to California and be wealthy and become mogul and forget about it as you just enjoy life.

No one likes advice especially from you wife or husband. So take what you like and approve of and BE HAPPY TO BE ALIVE oh yeah and DONT FORGET TO BREATH, it’s free and very healthy for you in more ways than one, I believe. Yeah it keeps you younger and more peaceful in this often war like fake world.

Thank you for reading Johns crazy solar blog. It’s nice to think that someone else thinks and acts like me. Like lowering prices of solar modules to the most unbelievably lowest price on earth. And then floating over it on my own blog that , I think, no one reads. It’s just fun for meeeee! Because when it’s fun I’m very greedy! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Fake and un-fake John

Yes it really is a beautiful world as long as it’s natural and/or your alive.

Existing is cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž ya know what I mean, ya know what I mean, Sunny D. (movie quote: Meet the Millers) very funny!


A house without ๐Ÿ’ฏ% energy independence is like a cake without butter cream frosting. That’s half the benefit it’s called appreciating, how amazing is that we’re just this microscopic spec on earth flying thu space at probably like a trillion miles an hour worrying ourselves to death โ˜ ๏ธ. Stop, don’t do that!

Look in the mirror every morning, put your nose up to the glass and look straight into your eyes and say “I love and accept myself exactly as you are, at least once a day or maybe 20 times a day if your really down on yourself. Trust me it actually works. Forget about your past or your future mistakes we all made or will make them . I myself am a repeater but I’m getting better. As long as you tey your hardest that’s all that counts, besides there’s always someone else who has way, way worse off than you.

I’ll shut the …. now!